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Nightmare Fuel / Antz

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Where's the Orkin man when you need him?
  • The termites, that is all.
    • When the termites first start spraying acid, the soldiers that get hit pretty much immediately start to melt. This is seen for maybe a second or two at most, but its like watching these ants be digested for a second.
    • The aftermath of the termite battle is arguably even worse. Z walking around the dead bodies. And to top it off, Barbatus' head giving him advice to think for himself. Then the head of Barbatus actually dies. It crosses between a tearjerker and just plain disturbing.
  • The magnifying glass scene. Imagine a large object appearing in the sky above you, looking up to investigate, and before you have a chance to move away you are immediately vaporized by a ray of light! It's like Independence Day for ants!
  • General Mandible being willing to drown every ant in the colony that didn't live up to his personal standards. Yes, that includes newborn babies.
    • When Mandible's plan actually commences and the ants have to make a ladder to climb up, one can't help but wonder... how many ants got swept away by the water and drowned before they had a chance?
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  • The picnic scene. Besides just the general creepiness of a seeming-paradise suddenly going awry as the bugs learn Humans Are Cthulhu, the scene features several instances of Family-Unfriendly Death that probably only made it past the censors because What Measure Is a Non-Human?.

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