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Nightmare Fuel / Antz

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Where's the Orkin man when you need him?
    • General Mandible's plan with the war with the termites was to send all of the warrior ants loyal to the queen to their deaths. The queen is the good side in the conflict with Mandible, meaning we not only watch the slaughter of thousands of sentient ants, but the slaughter of thousands of heroic, loyal sentient ants. To add further horror the termites were an innocent party in the war used as a ploy, their entire colony was wiped out without provocation and as horrific as they seem in the battle they were only defending their home and people.
    • When the termites first start spraying acid, the soldiers that get hit pretty much immediately start to melt. This is seen for maybe a second or two at most, but its like watching these ants be digested for a second.
    • The aftermath of the termite battle is arguably even worse. Z walking around the dead bodies. And to top it off, Barbatus' head giving him advice to think for himself. Then the head of Barbatus actually dies. It crosses between a tearjerker and just plain disturbing.
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  • The magnifying glass scene. Imagine a large object appearing in the sky above you, looking up to investigate, and before you have a chance to move away you are immediately vaporized by a ray of light! It's like Independence Day for ants!
  • General Mandible interrogating Weaver on Z's whereabouts. It first begins with the poor burly ant being punched in the face, then the general threatens Azteca if he doesn't comply.
    Mandible: That's enough.
    Weaver: I ain't tellin' you nothin'.
    Mandible: Soldier, the princess is vital to the future of this colony. She must be returned to take her proper place as queen.
    Weaver: We already have a queen.
    Mandible: As for your friend Z, why should I hurt him? (chuckles) He's not important. Now, soldier, we all know that one individual ant doesn't matter. Not you. Not Cutter. (Door opens, and Mandible's goons forcefully lead Azteca in) Not even her.
    Weaver: Azteca!
    Azteca: Don't tell that tight-ass anything, Weaver! Ack! (Mandible's goons grab her by the throat)
    Mandible: Where is Z?
    Mandible: Hmm....that's too bad.(Mandible gives his goons a look as they loom over Azteca. Azteca groans in pain. Weaver thinks quick)
    Weaver: Wait! Insectopia! I know it sounds crazy, but that's where he'd be going!
    Cutter: Soldier, you think this is a game? Insectopia does not exist!
    Mandible: As a matter of does.
    Cutter: Sir?
    Mandible: I'll brief you on the coordinates. You're gonna bring the Princess back. And as for Z...kill him.
    (Weaver and Azteca gasp in horror)
    Weaver: But you said he didn't matter!
    Mandible: It's for the good of the colony. You made the right decision. (Weaver slumps) Gentlemen, now you see how dangerous individualism can be. It makes us...vulnerable.
    Guard: Let's go. (The guards lead Azteca out the door; Mandible turns to Weaver)
    Mandible: Take him back to the MegaTunnel. Put him on the front line. Dismissed.
    (The goons grab Weaver by the shoulders and escort him out.)
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  • Mandible revealing the true purpose of the MegaTunnel to Bala. You can tell he's lost his mind.
    Mandible: Ah, Princess! You're just in time!
    Bala: Take your hands off me! General, what exactly is going on here? I demand an explanation!
    Mandible: I'll explain everything afterwards. Is the Southeast entrance secure?
    Bala: (slams her fist on the table) Not afterwards. NOW. (she glares at Mandible) I don't like the way you think. And I don't like the way you run this colony. And I don't like you. The wedding's off. Things are gonna change around here.
    Mandible: You're right, Princess. Things are gonna change. Why don't we make her more comfortable? (They force Bala into a chair) She'll be here for a while.
    Bala: What do you think you're doing?! MY MOTHER WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!
    Mandible: I doubt that. (chuckles) Ah, you've got a fighter spirit, Bala. And that's just what we need to start our new colony. We'll rinse away all the filth from our gutters. We'll start anew...with you by my side as my queen.
    Bala: You're crazy!
    Mandible: (smiles and replies calmly) I believe history will see things differently. Alright, gentlemen, time to take your positions. Someday. Someday you'll thank me.
    (Leaves Bala in his office and slams the door behind him)
  • General Mandible being willing to drown every ant in the colony that didn't live up to his personal standards. Yes, that includes newborn babies.
    • Mandible threatening Cutter when he starts to have second thoughts on the general's evil plan.
    Mandible: Seal up the doors. Cutter, did you hear me?
    Cutter: Sir, I've been thinking. Do we need to go through with this? Look at what these workers have done! They've got the right stuff! Isn't there any other way?
    Mandible: Cutter, you're a fine officer. You have discipline, courage, ability. But you seem to have a certain weakness for the lower orders that I find disturbing! Now are you with me?!
    Cutter: Sir, uh... I apologize.
    Mandible: Alright, then. Seal it up.
    Cutter: Yes, sir.
    (Still frowning, Cutter gives the signal and Mandible's goons shove rocks down the tunnel and one lands right behind Cutter as he walks away with his head hanging low)
    • When Mandible's plan actually commences and the ants have to make a ladder to climb up, one can't help but wonder... how many ants got swept away by the water and drowned before they had a chance?
  • The moment when Bala climbs up what turns out not to be a hill, but a praying mantis, which promptly turns its head around to snarl at her. Her resulting Freak Out is understandable.
  • The picnic scene. Besides just the general creepiness of a seeming-paradise suddenly going awry as the bugs learn Humans Are Cthulhu, the scene features several instances of Family-Unfriendly Death that probably only made it past the censors because What Measure Is a Non-Human?.
  • General Mandible's Disney Villain Death. Unlike most typical animated examples, the aftermath is shown albeit from a distance so as to not get the full view of details, but still.

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