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Quite a frisky kitty

When it comes to animal symbolism, a major association of felines is with sex. Any feline-themed character is likely to be very sexually attractive and probably the most sexualised character in the work. This can range from actual Funny Animal cats, to characters who are to some degree feline-human hybrids or shifters, to alien or fantasy Cat Folk, to entirely human characters who have a cat theme. Because Most Writers Are Male, this usually applies to female characters, although there are male examples.

It's easy to see why: Cat ownership and feline traits have been historically associated with women (although in Real Life an equal number of men and women own cats). Many things men found attractive in women were projected onto cats. They are viewed as graceful, gymnastic and flexible; they have a mercurial temperament; if they aren't neutered they make it obvious to everyone around when they're in heat; and even when not in heat, they have no shame in their love of being petted and stroked. It can't be a coincidence that "sex kitten" rapidly became a term for female sex symbols.


Note that for this to be the case, the character's sexiness and feline associations must both be unusual within the work - if a work has a cast made up mostly of anthropomorphic cats, don't add the sexy one.

There is a very strong overlap with Classy Cat-Burglar. See also Cat Girl, although they vary in their degree of sexualisation, with some being platonically "cute". Compare to Cool Cat.


Anime And Manga

  • Yoruichi from Bleach is a sexy tanned kunoichi who can turn into a black cat and would wind up naked when reverting to her human form.
  • Yukari Kotozume aka Cure Macaron from Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode who has a cat motif. She is portrayed as the most attractive member of the group to the point that Even the Girls Want Her. She can also come off flirtatious to others. Even her Cure outfit is out there compare to the other's outfits.
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  • In Ranma ½, Shampoo is a beautiful Chinese warrior woman who aggressively pursues the protagonist, and turns into a cat whenever splashed with cold water.
  • Fairy Tail: Erza's kitty-obsessed childhood friend Milliana began sporting an extremely revealing outfit and sexy attitude after she went through adolescence during the first Time Skip.
  • Soul Eater: Blair is a magic cat who can shapeshift into a human. In human form she's a woman who dresses very skimpily and flirts with any man she meets. (In one Gender Bender story where she's temporarily changed into a man, she's just as sexy and sexually-active.)
  • In Sword Art Online, the game Alfheim Online features a race of cat-like fairies called the Cait Sith, with members of the race bearing cat ears and tails. The only significant characters who are members of the race, Silica and Sinon, are attractive girls who are also part of Kirito's Unwanted Harem.
  • Obi in Snow White with the Red Hair has a restrained cat theme and is a sexy dude.
  • Neko Musume in the 2018 anime adaptation of Gegege No Kitaro finally ended up in this trope, after decades of being made Progressively Prettier from her original creepy, Gonkish appearance.
  • High School D×D has Koneko Toujou's buxom older sister Kuroka. Both of them are nekomata.
  • Eris in Cat Planet Cuties is a stacked Cat Girl with no nudity taboo. When the Catian mothership arrives, it's shown that the rest of her species is similarly sexy and has very liberal ideas regarding nudity, casual sex, and polygamy compared to Japan.

Comic Books

Film - Animated

Film - Live Action

  • All of the major film versions of Catwoman — in Batman Returns, Catwoman, and The Dark Knight Rises — were at least intended to be Ms. Fanservice.
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier featured a humanoid feline alien woman in two scenes working as an exotic dancer at a seedy tavern on Paradise.
  • The famous 1942 horror film Cat People expresses a major theme of fear of female sexuality in the story of a woman who (rightly or wrongly) believes that she will shift into a killer big cat if she becomes sexually active. It was remade in 1982 under the same title, and made much less ambiguous and much more graphically sexual.


  • Discworld: When Nanny Ogg's cat Greedo is at times magically transformed into a human, he is described as a battle-scarred Hell-Bent for Leather tough guy exuding enough bad-boy sexuality to leave any non-lesbian woman who sees him practically catatonic.
  • In the October Daye books, Tybalt is the king of the local Court of Cats and a cat shifter. When he is first introduced, he is explicitly described as "basically walking sex appeal". Much attention is paid to how he looks in tight leather pants.
  • There's a very dark example in various works by the British SF writer Richard Calder, starting with the Dead Girls/Dead Boys/Dead Things trilogy. "Catgirls" in them are the result of a human mutation that makes them beautiful, instinctive and malicious Femme Fatales. They are also intensely masochistic, to the point of seeking out and enjoying their own Questionable Consent sexual murders.
  • The were-leopards of Cityof Devils are all extraordinarily good looking and ooze sex appeal. Unfortunately for everyone else, they transform into huge, hungry felines when they're aroused, and pretty much anything gets them feeling frisky . . .

Live-Action TV

  • In the Doctor Who story "Survival", Ace's interactions with the feline Cheetah People are highly erotic and blatantly played as a lesbian sexual awakening.
  • Catwoman in Batman is hot whether she's played by Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, or Eartha Kitt.


  • The Cure's "The Love Cats" consists mostly of a whole string of feline metaphors for sex, including semi-orgasmic cat noises.

Mythology and Religion

Video Games

  • Felicia from Darkstalkers is one of the most notorious video game examples, a voluptuous Cat Girl who is naked except for some stripes of white fur that look a bit like lingerie.
  • Yellow Iris from the little-known Capcom side-scroller Battle Circuit is a curvy Cat Girl who wears nothing but a green corset and thick leather belt.
  • In Cannon Spike, level boss Cat Lady Beauty is a sexy woman with a cat-ear-like hairdo and Absolute Cleavage, who becomes a giant cat monster when she Turns Red.
  • In Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Constable Neyla is a secretly Dirty Cop and surprise Big Bad. She is a tiger who wears a belly-baring tank top and cut-off jeans and uses her sexuality manipulatively. There are also the Arabian belly dancers in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
  • One of the monster classes recruitable in Disgaea is the Nekomata class, a race of sexy Felicia- esque catwomen.

Western Animation


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