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Nightmare Fuel / Recess

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  • T.J.'s Sanity Slippage in the episode "The Box". The entire episode in question is about Miss Finster creating a new punishment for the kids, the box, which is just a square drawn on the playground tarmac. T.J. laughs it off at first, but when he's sent to the box, it slowly begins to break him. And what does she do when she realizes that he's being tortured? Keeps him in there for two additional minutes to the ten he was supposed to be in there for. The creepy background music playing as he goes through his Madness Mantra doesn't help, either.
    • T.J.'s brief Heroic BSoD is similarly disturbing. He's been so broken by Miss Finster's torture that he's reduced to her babbling, helpless servant, endlessly chanting that he is a "good boy" who will do whatever she wants.
  • The Halloween episode:
    • One segment has Cornchip Girl turn into a werewolf, almost killing Mr. Kelso and trying to turn the rest of the school as well.
    • All the kids' bikes becoming sentient and attacking them ala Maximum Overdrive, with them seemingly escaping on a bus, only for it to have no driver.
    • The Night Of the Living Finsters segment of the Halloween episode, especially the Or Was It a Dream? stinger at the end, due to how it clashes with how all the other evidence is missing. There's also how the Finster Zombies are defeated: the use of the cafeteria's Tomato Surprise, which melts their rotting flesh off. They're all seen screaming in pain as their bodies dissolve.
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  • The beating Gus gets when he stands up to Gelman in "Gus's Last Stand" is so bad Gus is only shown after it's over. What are shown, however, are the utterly shocked and horrified expressions of every single kid on the playground as it happens. It's what prompts the rest of the students to back up the Gang when they try to protect Gus.


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