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DNA Productions, Inc. was an American animation studio located in Dallas, Texas, which worked on both 2D and 3D animated projects. Originally founded in 1987 by John A. Davis and Keith Alcorn, it was best known for producing the Jimmy Neutron franchise for Nickelodeon, encompassing both a feature film and a TV series. It also provided directing, script writing, and production to its clients. The studio closed its doors in 2006 after The Ant Bully bombed, with most of its staff moving to either Reel FX Creative Studios or Omation Animation Studio shortly afterwards.


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Ant Bully Teaser Trailer

The interviewer then clears his throat and points his finger up who got the part, as Beetle looks up, we see Lucas Nickle (with a mean look on his face) from Beetle’s POV, then it cuts back to Beetle, but from a different camera angle. It then cuts back to Lucas from Beetle’s POV as he proceeds to step on him. After he stomps on him, it then transitions to the film’s logo, along with text fading in, saying "STOMPING INTO THEATERS SUMMER 2006". Afterwards, it cuts back to Beetle, who managed to survive from Lucas stomping on him. Lucas steps on him again, as we only see his shoe. The beetle then weakly says “CUT!”.

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