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  • In the episode where Donald and the boys get superpowers and Donald turns into an insane supervillain, he decides to gather up and destroy all the TVs in the world. Daisy, reporting on the scene for What in the World realises that this means no-one is watching her and decides to do what she always wanted to do on live TV- play the bagpipes (briefly exciting the owners of the only TV Donald missed, a small Scottish family on a mountain, who rejoice that "Finally, something worth watching on American TV!")
    • Donald then swoops in and takes that TV. "Sorry! Forgot one!"
  • In one episode, the boys need to get rid of a tree, so they use a solution that causes things to shrink, and it seems to work. Then Donald accidentally gets sprayed with some of it and gets younger and younger. Finally, at the end, the tree has regrown and is now massive. The episode ends when a (now-giant) Donald begins stomping toward the house...
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  • In "Island of the Not-so-Nice", Mumbly eats some garlic gum from the triplets and his garlicky breath causes the bald mad scientist to gain hair, only for his new hair to quickly fall out.
  • A shark calling Donald a philistine in "All Hands on Duck".
  • "Need 4 Speed" is pretty much a whole smorgasbord of funny moments. Examples include Donald and the triplets' ridiculously over-the-top Imagine Spots and this exchange.
    Huey: What if we-
    Donald: No!
    Dewey: But-
    Donald: No!
    Louie: (Raises a finger and begins to open his beak).
    Donald: NO!
  • In "Ducks by Nature", Beef Jerky and Donald have both been attacked by a moose, a swarm of bees, and a bear. After encountering all of them again, they then suddenly get chased by an alien.
  • Donald dreaming that he is married to the alligator Antoinette with three half-alligator/half-duck kids in a 1950's sitcom in "Gator Aid".
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  • "Stunt Double or Nothing" ends with Kent Powers receiving a very satisfying Humiliation Conga.
  • "The Return of the T Squad" has Huey and Dewey meeting again after one stopping a tsunami by building a giant sand wall (which collapsed, "flooding" the city with sand") and another trying to stop a plane crash by mentally trading places with the stewardess:
    Huey: I saved the West Coast! ( Well, you know, except for some people and buildings and stuff. ) What did you do, Brain Boy?
    Dewey: I found out what it's be a woman.
    Huey runs away, shocked
  • "Pride Goeth Before the Fall Guy"
    • Huey impersonating Kent Powers while referring to him as "the ego that ate Duckburg".
    • Daisy tries to reason with Kent over firing Donald, to no avail.
    Daisy: Where's your compassion? Your consideration? Your charity?
    Kent Powers: My what?
    Daisy: I forgot who I was talking to.
    • When the triplets decide to confront Nigel Nightshade by going to his address listed on the back of his trading card, the police point out how useful this is and consider that they should probably look into getting their own criminal trading cards.
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  • In the episode "Tasty Paste", Daisy gets enormous from eating the titular food. It's quite comical.

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