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Awesome / Quest for Camelot

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Now that's the true king of Camelot we're talking about!
  • United We Stand. The ENTIRE song.
    • Specifically our first glimpse of the adult King Arthur, addressing his people from the stairs to Camelot's inner keep. He's a comparably slight and short man, nowhere near as big and manly as some of his knights, and his voice is mild and gentle. But under his tunic he's still clad head to toe in chainmail. He has Excalibur in his belt and Merlin at his back, and his knights obviously admire and would defend him with their lives. He has clearly earned his people's love and trust by being a truly good king, not just for having pulled the sword from the stone.
  • When Ruber first starts arguing with Arthur and the knights, who is the first to stand up to him? Sir Lionel. Sure, he got killed for it, but it shows that this guy isn't gonna take shit from the would-be usurper.
    • Then, when Ruber tries to hit Arthur with his mace, his attack is deflected by Excalibur. With this little showcase of its power, it's no wonder why Arthur is the only true king.
  • When Ayden (the falcon) beats the Griffin in their first fight. He managed to harass a creature that was ten times his size.
    • Even more awesome is that he's Merlin's falcon! That guy must've trained him really well.
  • Kayley telling Ruber, "I will not serve a false king!" before swinging down on a beam and hitting him with it.
    • Even more awesome is that this phrase was repeated earlier by her father. The villain, having heard this from two generations of heroes, was probably pissed off about this for the remaining five minutes of his life.
  • It doesn't accomplish much, but when Ruber attacks her home, Kayley has the guts to grab a mook's mace and take a swing at Ruber with it.
    • Which leads to a villainous example when Ruber catches the mace with his bare hands and without skewering his fingers. Because he caught it between the pikes.
  • Sure, Sir Ruber is a Large Ham and has a screw loose, but at one point, he and his team are cornered by dragons. One of them backs Ruber up against a wall, and he looks with visible disgust at the saliva dripping from its jaws. Then, just as it's about to fry him, he punches it in the face. Ruber & Co. are later seen eating that dragon. Once again: Ruber killed a dragon by punching it!
  • Ruber's defeat was pretty awesome, if only visually. He's cornered Kayley and Garrett into a circle of rocks, and prepares to strike at them. They dodge, and Ruber ends up stabbing a stone- but not just any stone, The Stone. Ruber tries to pull Excalibur out, but to no avail, since only the rightful king of England can pull Excalibur from The Stone. The Stone's power breaks loose and disintegrates Ruber in a fantastic display. Then Arthur shows up, after being healed by The Stone's magic, and effortlessly pulls Excalibur free.
  • After realizing that being in agreement makes them capable of flight and fire breath, Devon and Cornwall have this awesome exchange before absolutely roasting the Griffon.
    Devon: I couldn't agree more!
    • They manage to save Ayden the falcon with this roasting. Cue the Superman Theme. And then they proceed to presumably roast the giant beast to death.

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