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"Told you graduation wasn't the end of the world."

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  • When Disney Channel was getting ready to air The Movie, they had a viewer-voted countdown of the greatest episodes they'd already aired of the show, and "Emotion Sickness" ranked #1. Kim and Shego both get Moodulator chips on them that causes them to act according to the control unit's settings, causing some really awkward scenes with Ron and Drakken, respectively. The affection Kim shows towards Ron may seem entirely a result of the Moodulator, but it's certain that she does feel this way about him inside, and the chip just brought it out; this also notably helps setting up what happens between them in The Movie.
  • The total, all-encompassing love Kim's parents have for her; no matter how strict or overprotective they might be at times ("Black hole deep, Ronald"), it always comes from the heart. One notable scene in "A Sitch In Time" is when they drop her off at pre-K for the first time. They are so warm and supportive of their daughter, completely confident that she'll do fine: "Anything's possible for a Possible!"
  • In general, the way Ron always dutifully covers his eyes if Kim's dressing. And the fact that she's so comfortable doing so in his presence. It's a small, but consistent sign of how strong their relationship is.
  • Hana, Ron's adopted baby sister. The little girl was made of heartwarming moments whenever she was with Ron. The depth of which Ron cared about her was truly touching and his brief freak-out at realizing his baby sister was going to have to face an evil destroyer was an extreme tearjerker.

    Season 1 

Bueno Nacho

  • After Kim gets captured, Wade contacts Ron so he can go save her. However, this requires him to choose between his position as the skilled assistant manager at Bueno Nacho, or staying as Kim's sidekick and saving her. It doesn't take him too long to make his decision.
    Ned: Well, well, well! Looks like you've got a choice to make, Stoppable! What's more important: your sacred duty as assistant manager, or your pathetic role as goofy sidekick?
    Ron and Ned circle each other before Ron abruptly stops.
    Ron: Well that's no choice at all. I guess it's time to say buenos noches, Bueno Nacho.
  • After Ron gets captured, he and Kim reunite and mend fences after their prior argument at Bueno Nacho.
    Ron: I gooned on assistant manager power. You were right.
    Kim: I did resent your superior burrito technique. You're entitled to excel. Forgive me?
    Ron: Duh! Forgive me?
    Kim: Totally!
  • The end features Ron being the greatest friend in the world:
    Kim: I know this is beyond shallow, but I saved the world and I'm still no closer to owning that Club Banana jacket!
    Ron: Maybe... maybe not. [pulls out gift box]
    Kim: [gasp] Ron?!
    Ron: It's no big deal. My Naco bonus was way bueno.
    Kim: You are too sweet! I love it! [giant hug]

Mind Games

  • A nice Kim/Ron moment (that also doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Kim) happened in the episode "Mind Games". In a "Freaky Friday" Flip plotline that had Kim and Ron switching bodies, Kim (as Ron) found herself facing the school bullies of Middleton High's D-Hall, who had harassed Ron since kindergarten. This and other events caused Kim and Ron to each realize how hard the other has it. At the end of the episode (after Kim and Ron got their old bodies back), the D-Hall bullies approached Ron and gave back all the school lunch money they had taken from him since kindergarten.
    Ron: What just happened?
    Kim: When I was still in your body, I went back to D-Hall. Gave some sensitivity training. No big.

Number One

Pain King vs Cleopatra

  • In her debut episode, seeing Monique quickly click with both Ron and Kim over shared interests; Club Banana with Kim, and pro wrestling with Ron.
  • Pain King and Steel Toe, two professional wrestlers, are justified in their fear in taking on a supernatural monster. But Ron reminds them that they are role models and when they see two young fans in the crowd, that is enough to get them to aid Kim and Ron.

    Season 2 
Two to Tutor
  • Ron turns out to be a very talented chef. Considering how poorly he usually does academically, it's nice to see him find something he's both good at and passionate about.
  • Shego and Junior's relationship is actually quite sweet in this episode. Shego seems genuinely proud of Junior when he starts to show improvement and they actually seem to get along better with each other than with their usual partners.
The Fearless Ferret
  • Ron (as the Fearless Ferret) pushed the balloon-mounted stink bomb away from the Fearless Ferret convention when Kim was incapacitated:
    Ron: I'm a hero, it's what I do.
    Kim: (tackle-hugging Ron) Way to go, hero!
  • Also the opening dream sequence of Ron saving Kim's life.
The Golden Years
  • Kim learning about all of her grandmother's heroic exploits in her younger days. One can practically see the respect for her grandmother, which had been lacking throughout the episode, skyrocket.
  • From the other side, Nana wanting what's best for her granddaughter, and eventually accepting the fact that Kim can handle herself in battle.
  • Then there's Nana and Kim fighting together at the climax.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: In this episode, Kim scoffs at her grandmother's suggestion that she starts dressing more modestly. In Season 3 though, Kim starts wearing shirts that don't bare her midriff from time to time, and in Season 4, she completely transitions to wearing modest outfits. Seems like she did take her Nana's advice to heart after all.
A Very Possible Christmas
  • The episode is from start to finish a Kim/Ron love story. note  Heck, just throw in all Kim\Ron scenes, and there's quite a few more than you might first think.
    • Kim's gift to Ron: a CD full of photos of the two of them.
    • The ending of this episode fits as well, with the entire Possible family, along with Ron, and even Drakken and Shego enjoying Christmas together.
    • Shego is her usual Deadpan Snarker self, insisting on taking her Christmas vacation instead of helping Drakken, but is genuinely touched when she learns that Drakken, by way of a Christmas gift, had paid for her hotel accommodations. This discovery prompts her to contact Drakken, which is how she finds out he and Ron are missing, leading to her and Kim finding them.
A Sitch in Time
  • Ron and Kim's goodbyes to each other is combined with Tear Jerker—face it, every person, no matter what age, has had to go through a close friend moving away at some point in their lives. *sniff*
    • Or Kim's line, said in the most heartbroken, yet sincerest way that makes you wanna dab your eyes with tissues.
      Kim: Ron, I couldn't save the world without you.
  • In the past segment of "A Sitch in Time" we see how Kim and Ron met in preschool, with Ron actually defending Kim against some bullies (who turned out to be de-aged, time-traveling versions of Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan, it's complicated). Kim at one point says, "You're weird, but I like you." And so begins a very beautiful friendship.
    • And it's made all the sweeter by the wistful look Present-Kim gives Pre-K Ron and her Pre-K self through the playground fence.
    • This scene actually gets a Meaningful Echo in the credits of the Season Four episode "The Cupid Effect".
      Kim: You're weird.
      Ron: Kim!
      Kim: Shhh. I like weird.
    • Arguably all of Pre-K Ron and Pre-K Kim in "A Sitch In Time" were so adorable.
    • What's more heartwarming? Before he gets beaten up by the Pre-K villains, Pre-K Ron threatens them with his imaginary friend to come defend him. Said imaginary friend's name? Rufus.
  • In the present day, Jim and Tim couldn't decide how to name their drone, both wanting to name it the Jiminator or the Timinator after themselves. Twenty years in the future, after Kim jumped into the time stream, the Kiminator Mk. XII is one of the Rebellion's transport crafts.
    Jim: We kept fighting about the name.
    Tim: So we named it after you.
  • "Sitch in Time: Future" averts Angst? What Angst?. Although Kim's father jokes about how at least she was only trapped in the timestream and not out with some boy, Jim and Tim insist that Kim and Ron have been sorely missed the past twenty years. Everyone they knew who is part of the rebellion is very glad to see them, and Wade, who finally meets Kim and Ron in person for the first time, greets them by bear hugging the two of them at the same time.
    Kim: So, Wade... what's the sitch?
    Wade: Heh... it's been a long time since I heard that.
  • Rufus is treated very reverently by his hyper-evolved descendants. Rufus 3000, the de facto leader of the rebellion's naked mole rats, refers to him as "Rufus Prime" and asks him to share his wisdom to all the other mole rats as well as asking him to lead them in combat against the monkey ninjas.
Go Team Go
  • The very fact Shego decides to help, and at the end lets Kim destroy the device that was giving her all the powers of the Team Go. Her brothers may be annoying, but Shego still loves them.
    • Dr. Drakken was actually not so harmless this episode and goes to save Shego in a giant flying robot.
      Drakken: (to Shego) You know, I do think of us as a kind of evil family. And families stick together! So if you need me— (warning shot) I'llbethereforyou!
      Drakken: Kim Possible's computer kid told me how you were at the mercy of a villain. Where is this..."Aviarius"?!
Mother's Day
  • We get to see Kim and her mother, Ann spend the day together, 'No matter what.' You can't help but be in awe at the teamwork and love between the two during Kim's mission.
Motor Ed
  • Ron's entire friendship with Felix. Not once does Ron care that the boy is in a wheelchair and he starts hanging out with him and the two form a close bond of mutual respect and fondness. It reaches it's highest point when Kim tries to scold him for trying to win against Felix in a game of basketball, this exchange happens which leaves Kim momentarily speechless.
    Kim: (angrily) You're acting!
    Ron: Like he's just a normal person?
    Kim: (stunned) I got to just stop talking.

Ron Millionaire

  • A small one: when Ron is fully losing it after striking rich, one of the things he buys is a supersonic jet and commando squad for Kim. Even at his worst, he still thinks of her.

    Season 3 
Emotion Sickness
  • After Kim starts crushing on Ron due to the Moodulator chip, Ron is at first nervous at the idea of dating her. However, once she kisses him he's clearly into it (and when talking to Monique, he admits he's thought about dating her before). After breaking up with Kim, the Moodulator chips get set to anger and she starts attacking Ron at first, but then once she sees him get attacked by Shego (also under the influence of a Moodulator chip) she is worried enough about him that she manages to break free of the Moodulator's control all by herself. Afterwards, when Ron is commenting on how the whole crush thing was only because of the Moodulator, Kim replies "not everything, there's still fireworks", showing that it wasn't all the chip's influence and that she really does like him.
  • When Kim and Bonnie gets captured, Kim apologizes and admits that she understands Bonnie a bit better now (after seeing her get made fun of by her older sisters) and Bonnie admits that she actually had a pretty good time with Kim.
Bad Boy
  • Kim and Ron going to the wedding together as dates at the end, with Kim admitting it wasn't nearly as "awkweird" as she thought it would be.
  • Drakken saying goodbye to Rufus after repairing the Attitudinator (so he can became evil again and make Ron good).

    Season 4 
Ill Suited
  • When Bonnie derides Ron for running like a scared little girl when playing football, Kim answered with a simple "That's my guy", smiling warmly as she said that. Just to emphasize the point that she loves him for what he is, her cowardly, sometimes annoying goofball.
The Big Job
  • In it's own way, Senor Senior Senior appreciating his son's birthday gift and saying how proud he is of him for coming up with such a brilliant evil scheme.
  • At the end Ron, who refuses to take his Smarty Mart uniform off during a date, receives a warm smile from Kim, she's happy and truly loves who he is.
Trading Faces
  • Ron suggesting that Kim should be the replacement model. Kim of course denies, saying she's no model...Ron retorts, "Why not? You're beautiful." D'awwwwww!
    • The best thing about that is the casual way he says it, as if it's far too obvious to argue with.
  • For the entirety of the episode, Kim has been adamant about not want Jim and Tim to attend her school or forbids them from getting involved in her missions. However, the boys persevere and manage to uncover clues to help their sister apprehend Camille Leon. And by the time Kim's presented with the option of having her twin brothers transferred to another school, Kim decided that maybe having her brothers in the same school as her isn't so bad after all:
    Kim: If the tweebs switch schools, then so do I. They have my back, now I have theirs.
    Jim and Tim: Hik-a-bic-a-boo?
    Kim: Hoo-sha. (cue sibling group hug)
The Cupid Effect
  • The ending with Kim and Ron on a date at Bueno Nacho (plus The Stinger mentioned above that references when Ron and Kim first met in "Sitch in Time") and Monique admitting that while what Wade did(zap her with the love ray)was wrong she does think he's really sweet and agrees to be friends with him.

Mad Dogs and Aliens

  • From "Mad Dogs and Aliens"
    Kim: Saving the world has other perks too.
    Ron: Such as?
    Kim: (smiles at him) Cuter boyfriends.
    Ron: Huh? Oh! Ah heh heh heh, a-booyah.
    • Also the ending where they walk off together holding hands.
  • In weird way the revelation that it was Shego who contacted Ron on the Kimmunicator and came up with the plan to get rid of Warmonga by making her think the "Great Blue" was on Pluto. It just goes to show that Shego enjoys her Foe Yay relationship with Kim and for as much as she rags on Drakken, she's incredibly jealous at the idea of someone else taking her place as his sidekick.
Grande Size Me
  • In a weird way, it seemed kind of sweet how the villains seemed concerned for Ron's health, and they saw how fat and unhealthy Ron had become after eating nothing but food from Bueno Nacho for sometime—Monkey Fist even said to Ron, "You've really got to start taking better care of yourself."
  • Kim herself is as reasonably supportive a girlfriend as she can be in the situation. She chides Ron for going on such a recklessly poor diet out and makes a few wisecracks at his weight gain, but even as he grows fat, she doesn’t quite get put off by him until he becomes irritable and a jerk due to his mutation. It definitely shows why Kim fell for Ron if that’s what started becoming the dealbreaker.
Clothes Minded
  • Kim and Ron both saying "i'll keep you around" to one another.
Big Bother
  • Ron finally coming around to his new adopted baby sister Hana at the end.
  • When Kim asks Yori if she's really OK with Ron being "off the market" for dating, Yori is completely understanding and says it's Kim and Ron's destiny to be together.
Odds Man In
  • Ron discovers actuarial science (which calculates risk factors), and wants Kim to stop crimefighting (or pretty much anything that could be remotely dangerous) as their odds suggest they should have "been toast" years ago. Kim requests more of an explanation, and Ron tells Kim that he couldn't live with himself if he lost her. Awww.
    Ron: Look KP, I just want to keep you safe, because if you got hurt, it’s too big a loss to compute.
    Kim: That’s the most weirdly romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.
    • Following on from the above, later in that episode Ron learns that he's more of a risk for dying than Kim is and builds himself a "panic room" he refuses to leave, forcing her to recruit Wade to help stop Drakken note  with both getting captured. Ron debates whether to leave the room due to the odds of his survival, when his dad tells him that, the one thing he learned from his job is "some things are worth the risk." Cue Ron pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment to save his girlfriend and Wade (which Kim even admitted was quite romantic).
Stop Team GoMathter and Fervent
  • A little moment at the start, when Mr. Barkins gives the class the assignment of interviewing a hero in their own lives:
    Ron: (confident) Hero, eh? Oh, the Ron-man has this one in the bag!
    Mr. Barkins: And no, you can't interview the person you're dating!
    Ron: (disappointed) Brutal.
  • The hug Kim/Ron share after Ron is released from his anti-matter containment bubble.
    Ron: Hey hey, alright! Whoa! Oh hey yeah, that’s nice.
    Kim: I was starting to think I’d never get to do that again.
Mentor of Our Discontent
  • Ron and Kim's talk about life choices.
    Ron: Ok, I have no idea what just happened. But I am clearly not cut out to help people make life choices.
    Kim: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. You helped me
    Ron: Ok, that time I was a genius.
  • Artie saving everyone from the stock-bots and Martin Smarty learning to accept his son for who he is.
Oh No! Yono!
  • When Monkey Fist is defeated, Kim is freed from the spell that turned her into stone. Ron notices, he looks overjoyed and runs to her. Not only that, but the two embrace and kiss. It's only for a few seconds since Hana jumps between them to hug Ron (they don't mind at all). Seeing how they usually get interrupted, it was nice that they got to kiss this time.
    • From the same episode, all of Ron's interactions with Hana. He really is a great big brother.
Clean Slate
  • The episode contains the first (and only) serious use of the "L word" (No, not that one) after Kim regains her memories of her and Ron's relationship.
    Kim: I remember that you're my boyfriend! And that I think I love you!
    Ron: For real?
    Kim: For real! (hug)
    Ron: Now this is a memory
Homecoming Upset
  • A minor example; Ron initially doesn't notice Bonnie's efforts to make Kim jealous because he's so excited about all the charity work he and Bonnie are doing.
  • When Kim walks in on Bonnie kissing Ron, she knows, without Ron having to defend himself, that Bonnie was the one at fault. She trusts Ron so much that the possibility of Ron cheating on her doesn't even cross her mind.
  • Her sentence after Ron defends himself? "No kidding! It took you twelve stinkin' years to kiss me!" It seems that Ron wasn't the only one dealing with feelings for his best friend over the years!
  • Kim and Ron actually agreeing to help Bonnie get over her breakup with Brick and when her and Junior hit it off and become a couple.
Nursery Crimes
  • The way Kim interacts with the baby-fied people is rather adorable. With the exception of her first interaction with the Seniors (which happened before they turned to villainy) Kim had sought to solve all her problems with her fists. Here she finds another, better solution.
Larry's Birthday
  • Larry being genuinely excited and happy after going through what he thought was a real-life RPG (actually Dementor kidnapping him after mistaking him for Kim's boyfriend)that was a birthday gift from Kim. His mom is so thrilled that she wants Kim to plan all of his birthdays and Kim's dad agrees it's better to not tell Larry the truth.
  • The two full on Kim/Ron Kisses in the "Graduation" two part episode. The first when Kim reassures Ron that everything will be alright and the second when they are flying off to the stars together.
    • The second could count as a moment of awesome for Ron as he was the one who initiated, showing just how confident he became after getting control of his MMP.
  • Similar to the example from "Odds Man In" listed above, the line from "Graduation" where Ron tells Kim that the whole alien sitch makes him realize he can't live without her.
    Ron: If Kim's lost in the stars, I'm finding her.
  • If you remember Season 1, Kim and Ron were at odds in one episode because he was succeeding at working at Bueno Nacho and she wasn't. She was jealous of his success, but he was also lording that success over her in a way that even he realized later wasn't great. When he comes into his own in this season as the wielder of the MMP, he defeats the Lowardians, and then, when he turns it off, he just smiles at Kim, helps her to her feet and hugs her. Doesn't say a word, but he doesn't have to. The look of quiet confidence on his face is incredible given how awkward and nervous Ron has been in the past. He doesn't brag about how awesome he is or rub it in her face. Not to mention that Kim doesn't say a word either. She just stares at him, gets to her feet and hugs him back. She's shocked at how much he's stepped up, but also proud of him. She isn't jealous in the slightest that he gets this superpower and she doesn't. They've both matured so much, not just as best friends and romantic partners, but as people too. A perfect way to end their Graduation episode and the series as a whole!
  • One notable moment at the very end. Drakken is getting an award for saving the world and is clearly pleased, but unsure how he should react. He looks at the cheering crowd... then to the sulking group of villains glaring at him... then finally to Shego, who is wearing a look we've never seen on her before; one that says as clear as day "I'm So Proud of You". Followed by their vine hug. One of the most heartwarming moments in an episode full of them.
    • A minor one in that same scene, you see the villains unhappy with Drakken now being hailed as a hero... except Frugal Lucre, cheering him on with a #1 foam finger. As annoying as Lucre could be, he still chooses to show his support for Drakken regardless of Drakken’s successes or failures of world domination, or possibly becoming a “good guy”.


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