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Heartwarming / Kilala Princess

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  • The very beginning of the story has one. Kilala worries that Erica won't have time for her if she wins the princess contest, but Erica tells her that Kilala is everything she wants to be, and they will remain friends forever.
  • The Snow White chapter takes place after the movie's happy ending. Snow White still visits the dwarves' cottage, however, because it's a special place for her where she made friends.
    • Upon hearing "friends", Kilala becomes worried over Erica and begins to cry, so Snow White hugs her and makes a pie to cheer her up.
  • Snow White tells the Queen that she will eat her poisoned apple to save Kilala, and then notes how lonely she must be.
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  • In the Ariel chapter, it takes place before Ariel met Eric. She asks Kilala what love is, learns from her, and near the end Ariel sings a song about love.
  • Kilala telling Ariel what love is.
    Kilala: Well... you feel warm and happy just by thinking about that person. But sometimes it almost feels painful, like your chest hurts. I guess being in love makes your heart do a lot of things.
    Ariel: Sounds tiring.
    Kilala: True. But... I want to cherish these feelings.
  • Ariel encouraging Kilala about Rei, saying that it doesn't matter if they're from different worlds or not.
  • In the Cinderella chapter, Kilala had been rejected from a princess contest for not knowing etiquette, so Cinderella takes time out from her busy day to teach her. Kilala and her friends help her with the chores in return.
  • After an argument with the Beast that dampens everyone's moods, Kilala asks Sylphy to help cheer everyone up by playing music. While at first resistant, Sylphy agrees.
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  • In the Beauty and the Beast chapter, Kilala and Sylphy put aside their differences to help find a watch the Beast wanted to give Belle.
  • In the Sleeping Beauty chapter, Aurora reminds Kilala that when she and Phillip met, they didn't know each others' class or status, and it didn't matter because they loved each other.
  • In the Aladdin chapter, the Sultan tells Jasmine to give Kilala a diamond as proof of her being her first friend. When Kilala gives it back out of kindness, Jasmine gives her a more personal gift, the flower from her hair.
  • At the end of the manga, Sylphy admits defeat to Kilala in regards to Rei, and is last seen being Kilala's maid of honor at the wedding.
  • After disappearing from the story early on, Erica is seen in the last volume at Kilala and Rei's wedding.


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