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Tear Jerker / Kim Possible

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"Goodbye, Ron."

Despite having saved the world many times, Kim Possible is still just a normal teenage girl.

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    Season 1 
    Season 2 
Two to Tutor
  • Senior being left out when Junior spends more time with Shego.
A Sitch in Time - Present
  • Just as Ron's hopes for a great school year get up, he finds out that he and his family are moving to Norway. In one moment, he loses every good thing he was looking forwards to this year and now lives across the world away from his best friend. It's seen as being the End of an Era given that, with Ron all the way across the world, he won't be able to be there for Kim to help save the world, and a long-distance friendship is hard to maintain. As Ron puts it, it's the end of his world.
  • Ron's departure itself is heartbreaking and both he Kim are speaking shakily and trying not to cry, and while Ron says he's not going to cry, he starts breaking just before leaving. Kim gives him a "Ronunicator" as a parting gift.
    Kim: You can call me or beep me, you know... if you wanna reach me.
A Sitch in Time - Future
  • There's something melancholic about seeing James and Ann Possible as grayed senior citizens 20 years in the future. A reminder that nothing lasts forever and aging is inevitable for everyone.
A Very Possible Christmas
  • Kim searching for Ron.
Oh Boyz
  • The fact that everyone besides Ron has gotten over the Oh Boyz.
    • It’s worse when nobody besides Kim and Ron went to their concert.
    Season 3 
    Season 4 
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