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Heartwarming / Kingdom Hearts

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They ALWAYS have each other's back.note 

While Kingdom Hearts can easily make you cry out of sadness, this series can just as easily lift your spirit.

Games with their own page:

In general

  • Riku and Mickey's friendship. Seriously, every scene where they show what good friends they are is adorable.
    • Mickey constantly saving Riku in Chain of Memories and when he finally can arrive from the Realm of Darkness, Riku is so happy he collapses in relief to finally have a friend with him. Mickey constantly believes in Riku's ability to face his own darkness and asks to get to travel with him on his path.
    • Also, Mickey allows Riku to call him by his first name instead of calling him as "Your Majesty".
    Mickey: Aw come on Riku, you don't need to call me that, we're pals!
    Riku: Fair enough... Mickey.
    • It was really touched when upon Riku and Sora's return to Destiny Islands at the end of KH2, Mickey passes Sora completely and goes straight for Riku. The joy on Mickey and Riku's faces gave me all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings. This is to show how far the friendship between these two have been through.
    • During the Symphony of Sorcery level in Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] when Riku finds that world's Mickey (in this case an echo of Mickey from before this particular world's collapse) under a spell he immediately volunteers to help, making Mickey say that he's sure that he and Riku will become good friends. Hearing Mickey say this makes Riku smile, something a bit rare for him.
    • Also in Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] when the characters are discussing how to wake Sora Mickey volunteers knowing how dangerous it is. Even when Yen Sid explains that Riku actually has the better chance of success, Mickey is still reluctant to let Riku go and would rather go himself. Mickey was willing to dive into Sora's dreams knowing it would be more dangerous to himself than Riku to keep Riku safe. And when Riku decides he's going to be the one to do it (see heartwarming entries for Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]) Mickey gives him words of encouragement and then hovers anxiously until Riku himself wakes up.
    • It's also important to point out that Riku is one of the few characters to call Mickey by his name. With the exception of the Birth By Sleep trio (who don't actually know he's a king), the only other person we see call Mickey by name as opposed to title is Yen Sid (it's worth noting that he uses titles when speaking about Mickey to other characters, but simply his name when speaking to Mickey himself). Even Donald and Goofy call Mickey the King or Your Majesty.
  • Sora, Donald, and Goofy's friendship! They have their fights, but who can forget Donald telling Sora that the Gummi Ship "runs on happy faces" or Goofy protecting Sora from Riku's attack at Hollow Bastion?
  • Sora and Kairi's relationship, whose progression in the three main games is shown through their additions to the Paopu fruit drawings on the cave wall, culminating in them exchanging fruits before the final battle. This AMV sums it up beautifully.
  • Alot of Disney-based moments; that should go without saying!
  • In any of the games, whenever you complete a 100 Acre Wood level.
    • The conclusion to Sora's last visit to the Hundred Acre Woods in the first game has him, Pooh, and all their friends looking up at the big, beautiful moon together on a hill, before Sora waves goodbye, and the cover of the book changes to a drawing of Sora holding Pooh's hand as they walk side-by-side.
    • "Sora, don't forget. We shall always be here. If you'd like to visit again, that is."
    • In Chain of Memories, once you've found all of Pooh's friends, Sora says he has to get going, and Pooh sadly asks, "Is this goodbye?" Then Sora has a heartwarming smile and says that he'll always visit, before he realizes he may forget all about the Hundred Acre Woods. Pooh reassures Sora that even if he does, Pooh will never forget him.
    • In Kingdom Hearts II, Pooh unfortunately forgot who Sora was anyways, due to a Heartless attack damaging the book. But at the end, after traversing the worlds to recover the torn pages and repair the book, Sora and his animal friends all get together again on that same hill they bonded a long time ago. There's a touching line from Sora that he'll always be in Pooh's heart, and they'll always find each other. Then Sora is off again, and the torn cover of the book restores itself to a drawing of Sora and Pooh looking at the stars together.
  • In the ending to the first Kingdom Hearts, and remembering the story of a love that can never be, there's a certain heartwarming vibe to this scene.
  • Sora's Power of Friendship personal mantra and how easily he makes friends is this in spades. Especially when there is no doubt he holds them all in the same incredible regard.
  • The credits montage for 2.8, which focuses entirely on heartwarming (and sometimes tear jerking) moments of human connection—a highlight reel of just about every hug, Held Gaze, held hands, and any other form of affection you can imagine that's ever happened in the series. Emphasizing that, above all else, this series is about love, in every form it takes.
    • It also gives the players the sense that no matter how bleak things may initially seem for the heroes, or how the situation seems very advantageous for the villains at the moment, there's still hope that everything will turn out okay in the end after the storm passes.
    • For players who are also seasoned Disney fans, the montage in the last quarter of the credits featuring all the feature Disney couples will bring a tear of joy into your eyes.
  • Sora's determination to bring Roxas back in Kingdom Hearts III even though the latter accepted his fate as a nobody.
  • In a twisted way - the Heartless. The Nobodies have nastier goals overall under the Organization and the Unversed are targeting specific people under Vanitas. The Heartless, on the other hand, do not discriminate. They will go after the hearts of everyone and anyone, regardless of whether you're "evil" or "good" or "strong" or "weak" - they just don't care; all they want are the hearts. Yes, folks, the world consuming Heartless have a sense of equality.
  • From the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Tour, Kairi and Xion's voice actresses recited monologues for their characters. Kairi's, in particular, is heartwarming because it mentions that Lea keeps apologizing for kidnapping her as Axel and she keeps trying to tell him it's okay.
  • The enthusiastic response that fans have given to the unaired Kingdom Hearts pilot that Seth Kearsley decided to share on YouTube (though he had to take it down a few days later at Disney's request). It's clear that he put a lot of love and effort into making something that Kingdom Hearts fans would enjoy, even going as far as rewriting the original script, only for to Disney to pass on making it a full series. Many fans have stated how much they would have loved the episode if they'd gotten to see it as kids and have been clamoring for Disney to let Seth try again.