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  • The time when Data-Sora said "thank you" to Data-Naminé. Just like the real Sora promised the real Naminé and that the fact that Data-Sora is the one to do it and not the real one doesn't make it any less poignant.
  • Coded and Blank points. Just knowing that those who've fallen haven't been abandoned, least of all by Sora.
    • When Data-Roxas merges with Data-Sora, the latter feels the former's pain. His response?
      Data-Sora: Rest easy... Your hurt can be mine now.
  • Any scene with Donald and Goofy working together with Data-Sora. It's just been so long since the last time they were a trio, and even they know it.
  • Mickey reveals he was in Traverse Town when Sora originally arrived there. Pluto hears a whistle — the whistle of his master — and dives into a portal of Darkness after him. Talk about loyalty to your master — Pluto doesn't know what is inside this portal, or what it will do to him, but he still does it.
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  • The interactions between Data-Sora and Data-Genie. With Aladdin frozen in time with the rest of Agrabah, and Donald and Goofy unavailable, Genie's the only support Data-Sora has in Agrabah, and what a support he is. After Data-Sora's wish for Agrabah's problems to be fixed didn't go as planned, Genie calls that wish a freebie and throws in knowledge of Jafar's location. But Data-Sora didn't need that wish to be a freebie, he dealt with Jafar in only two wishes. He wants Genie to be freed of the lamp, so his third wish is to either hold Aladdin to his promise to free Genie for his final wish, or for Data-Sora's third wish to be transferred to Aladdin, confident he'll keep his promise, depending on the version.


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