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Tear Jerker / Kingdom Hearts coded

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Data-Roxas says that his role is done.
  • In coded, when Data-Roxas merges with Data-Sora. All his hurt memories start flooding into Sora, and we're quickly reminded of the sadness that was Days.
    "I see a place. A sunset. Comforting... but also sad. This is where I spent my first... and my last... summer vacation. Rest easy... Your hurt can be mine now."
    • In the next scene, Data-Sora sees images of Naminé and Xion and can only manage to get out a "Something terrible happened, didn't it?"
    • Hell, if you played Days, you can get a real glimpse of Data-Roxas's motivations in Oblivion Castle. The reason why he goes crazy on Sora accepting his pain is because of Xion - for not only he "forgot" about her in Days and suffers horribly from it, but he's fully aware that he's even not the REAL Roxas and, thus, he never actually knew her. Data-Roxas gets it even rougher than Data-Sora - no wonder he thinks Sora doesn't even understand what "hurt" feels like.
    • On the subject of Days in coded, the opening of coded is a flashback of many different scenes from all the games chronologically before it. The scenes from Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II are not obscured, except by the Matrix Raining Code. But when it gets to Days... we're shown maybe a full second of scenes, all flashing by fast and obscured by static. Because it was forgotten.
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    • In the HD movie version, Jesse McCartney does a fantastic job of playing Data-Roxas as completely ruthless and bitter. Considering what the character's been through, it's hard to blame them.
      "It's way past time that you learned WHAT REAL HURT FEELS LIKE!!!"
  • For the HD remake, the reveal that Data-Riku was corrupted by Pete is heart wrenching because it's more than clear he's in pain and struggling and Pete is extremely flippant about the matter, even using Electric Torture to goad him on (with a just plain painful scream from Riku) when Riku won't fight Sora. Riku is in shock for an entire half minute after before he goes Axe-Crazy. Riku's theme in the background really doesn't help the matter.
  • Data-Namine's existence. She acknowledges that she only exists to pass along a message, and once that's done she fades away into nothing. To make it even sadder, she even reminds us the "real" Namine has ceased to exist as of Kingdom Hearts II.
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  • Seeing Maleficent destroy the data version of the Kingdom Key. The iconic weapon of the series that has been around with Sora since the beginning... gone. Sure, it was a data duplicate, but that doesn't make it any less sad.
  • Donald and Goofy admit that they willingly got themselves involved in Data-Sora's attempt at rescue in Hollow Bastion because they don't like sitting on the sidelines and wish they could go on another adventure with Sora just like old times, as they think that merely watching from the other side of the screen is boring.