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Heartwarming / The Brave Little Toaster

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Lampy accidentally steps on Blanky and they argue over the fact that he stepped on him even Kirby sticks up for Blanky.
  • Blanky gets caught on some branches and pleads for the other appliances to not leave him,they instantly come back and untangle him from the branches.
  • Mice trying to drag Blanky into a hole but Toaster manages to save him by pulling him out in time, after she pulls him out of the hole he gasp's in shock as one of the mice chews on the Masters picture which blankie takes back also saying "Stop it! Give me that!" As the Masters picture really is important to Blanky who has the most attachment to him.
  • When the appliances are heading into the forest, Blanky nervously believes there are lions in there to which Radio teasingly responds "and tigers and bears oh my" with Lampy sarcastically saying that Blanky is such a baby causing Blanky to cower in fear, Toaster pushes them away and after a few seconds affectionately rubs Blankys head making him smile.
  • After raging himself into an explosive death after being reminded that The Master never played with him, the Air Conditioner gets repaired by the now-adult kid. He looks genuinely touched as he realizes he'd misjudged The Master.
    • Immediately after his explosion, Kirby mutters that the air conditioner "was a jerk anyway"... then briefly glances at him, implying that he feels a least a little bad for him.
    • The last thing he says before exploding is how he can't help if "the kid was too short to reach my dials!" Rob makes a moment to switch him on and bask in his cooling before leaving, giving the AC some much-needed closure.
  • When his violent tug-o-war with Blanky results in The Master's photo falling to the ground, shattering the frame, Kirby's anger immediately gives way to shame. Notice how, while the others just wordlessly sigh, he actually gives a sheepish "Oh no...". He does care about The Master.
  • After making it clear just how much the other appliances annoyed him and that he had a terrible phobia of water, Kirby leaps into the waterfall to save his friends.
    • After saving them, Kirby claims he just slipped and fell in, but the other appliances see right through him and laugh about it it even makes it more sweeter and heartwarming when Blanky lovingly hugs him, saying "you can't fool us, we love you."
  • Toaster was willing to die (or become horribly mutilated and therefore destined for the junkyard) to save both the Master and the other appliances.
  • Any time Toaster gives that big, wide grin. It gives you a sort of warm, toasty feeling inside.
  • The subtle chain of events which help the gang evolve from a bickering group into a family: they spend the first night of their journey sleeping far apart from one another. Then, after its tragic encounter with the narcissus flower the next day, Toaster decides to start being nicer to Blanky, who then offers to be the group's tent for the night. Then, when he gets sucked into the storm, Lampy risks his life to recharge the battery by using himself as a lightning rod, which the normally smarmy Radio, once his sworn enemy, gives him some sincere respect for. And finally, Kirby, the most curmudgeonly of them all, throws himself into the waterfall despite his fear of water to rescue them. By the time they finally reach the city, they're True Companions and by the very end, they're all laughing and joking together.
  • After the appliances escape from Elmo St. Peters' shop, they are overjoyed to be on the road again. They pause as they overlook the "City of Lights". Against all conceivable odds and through the most intense and breaking experiences that could have destroyed any semblance of friendship any group of friends could possibly have; they made it together.
    • Combined with some of the most joyous and heartwarmingly triumphant music this scene could have possibly ever had, Lampy's single line, his subsequent whoop for joy and Blanky's touching, silent moment as he takes out the Master's photo and hugs it (as he's happy that they'll be reunited with him soon) seals the deal in terms of Tears of Joy.
      Lampy: Wow.
      (The appliances go down the hill)
      Lampy: YEE-HOOO!
  • The appliances admiring Rob's graduation photo and saying how proud they are that the little boy who used to play with them grew up to be a hard-working, accomplished young man.
  • While the other appliances are all dedicated in their own right to find the Master, few are as devoted to finding him as Blanky. Near the end when the Master finds them in the dump Blanky is the first one he spots and what does he do? He snuggles him like he was a kid again. Given how much crap the gang had gone through at that point and how much emphasis has been placed on Blanky's love of the Master, it's not hard to imagine how Blanky must have felt at that point.
  • In the Polish dub of "City of Lights," Lampy's line as they're going through the tunnel is "When darkness is all around, I'll beam light". It fit well with the scene and it's a sweet translation from the original line as well.
  • When the appliances see the parts shop owner rip the cord off his blender, they quietly grab their own cords. While Blanky doesn't have one, he instead grabs Radio's for him.
  • When the dumpster truck arrives to grab the garbage can full of the five main appliances and dump them there, only TV runs to the bedroom window and sees this happening with a frightened look on his face, at first. Then, when the truck prepares to leave, he silently makes a mental note of the name of the disposal, foreshadowing his attempt to get The Master down there.
  • When they're on the magnet at the junkyard Radio accepts his fate saying "at least we'll go together" showing that he at least didn't mind dying alongside his friends, however Blanky sees the master looking around the junkyard, and gets real happy exclaiming; "Maybe he still needs us!" To which the other appliances agree with.
  • It's subtle, but Rob is clearly looking forward to showing off his family's cabin to his girlfriend, and presumably wants this to be a romantic afternoon where he shares his personal childhood nostalgia with her. The way they lovingly hold hand while looking at it indicates that she's thinking of staying with this guy long enough for them to be able to have their own happy memories.
    • She even puts her arm around his shoulder when they leave when she sees how sad he is to leave it for good. Awwww....
    • And if you consider the sequels canon, you know that they eventually wind up Happily Married and with a son. That little hand hold meant something.
  • Blink and you miss it: Rob has a photo of Chris taped on the wall next to his bed.
  • Rob fixing the Toaster after the Heroic Sacrifice. As Chris tells him, nobody would blame Rob if he just disposed of a toaster that was mangled by the gears of a trash compactor and bought a new one, but no, Rob loves this one and knows he can still get some use out of it, so he goes to the trouble of making it work like new again. The Toaster even gives him a silent smile after Rob shows Chris that she works again.
    • Rob affectionately ribbing Chris by waving a fresh piece of toast that's just been cooked by the toaster she said he couldn't repair, giving her a smug "A-HA!" and taking a triumphant bite. While it's a funny bit, he has every right to be proud of himself.
    • The Call-Back to Rob making a funny face in the Toaster's reflection right before the toast pops up, as he had done in the Toaster's dream.
  • When the appliance's are going with Rob and Chris to college, Blanky says "We did good didn't we" to which Toaster pats him on the head and assures him that they did good.
    • The final line of the film, courtesy of Lampy: "I'm aching from joy!"