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Heartwarming / Phil of the Future

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  • From "Back to the Future (Not the Movie):"
    • Pretty much all the scenes with Phil and Keely, as this episode marks their Relationship Upgrade. From them trying to tentatively feel each other out after being voted cutest couple by the whole school, to Phil's hilarious Crush Filter, to their salt and pepper shaker gifts, and them being unwilling to not say goodbye to each other before Phil returns to the future.
    • During their final goodbye, Keely hugs Phil and asks if he'll wait for her in the future. Phil ruins the moment a bit by pointing she'd be really old, but saves it by telling her it won't matter.
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    • Phil and Keely's Big Damn Kiss winds up broadcast over CCTV to the entire student body, who applaud enthusiastically.
    • After seeing how heartbroken Phil and Keely after being told the Diffy family will return to the future, Barb, Lloyd, and even Pim conspire separately to destroy the time machine so they can't leave. Turns into a funny moment when they all decide to do it at the same time and catch each other in the act.
    • Barb is arguably just as excited as Phil that he and Keely are together.
  • When Keely kisses Phil on the cheek in "Tia, Via, or Me...Uh"
    Keely: [Keely arrives and kisses Phil on the cheek, pleasantly surprising him.] That's for introducing me to Via.
    Phil: I get a kiss every time I introduce you to a girl. [grabs random girl heading down the hallway] What's your name? Have you met Keely?

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  • Keely telling Phil how wonderful he is in "Christmas Break".
    Keely: Phil Diffy, Your the most wonderful boy I have ever known.

  • Keely's reaction to Phil's birthday gift in "Happy Nirday".
    Keely: This is the sweetest, most wonderful, Incredibly beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me.

  • Phil telling Keely how much she means to him in "Time Release Capsule".
    Phil: I thought being remembered a hundred years from now wasn't important. But I'd give a hundred years of memories just to remember the most important, special, wonderful person I've ever met...Keely Teslow."

  • When Phil and Keely acted like they were married in "Dinner Time" and Keely calling him a Sweetie Pie.
    Phil: I wish you did remember though, for a while there it was kind of like we were married.
    Keely: Was it fun?
    Phil: Yeah... it was fun.
    Keely: Cool, well I better get to class.
    Phil: Yeah
    Keely: See ya at lunch sweetie pie [stops then turns towards Phil] I-I mean Phil.

  • Phil saving Pim in "Phillin' In", especially considering that she had spent the entire episode sabotaging him.
    Pim: (waving from a high cliff) I'm up here!
    (Phil goes to save her)
    Keely: You can't climb up there, it's too high.
    • Compounded when after climbing the cliff, instead of yelling at Pim for sabotaging his efforts to earn an afterburner and crashing the skyak, Phil simply hugs her.
  • Phil and Keely's Dance of Romance in "Get Ready to Go-Go."
    Phil: Something else I learned from time travel: sometimes you have to make your own timing.

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