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  • "Get Ready to Go-Go" has a few:
    • Phil and Keely both want to ask each other to the dance, but since they are Twice Shy, they chicken out and agree to carpool. For the environment. And then dance with each other, while they're there. For the environment.
    • After this they catch each other doing a Happy Dance. They're both just really happy. For the environment.
    • Owen asks Phil if he's okay with Keely going to the dance with him (Owen). Phil has an Imagine Spot where he uses the Wizard to turn Owen into a cardboard cut-out and gives him a marker mustache. It cuts back to reality with Phil cackling maniacally while holding the marker. Owen is disturbed.
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    • Via ends up tricking Phil and Keely into talking again with a fake story that means she and Owen need to leave. After finding out it was a trick, Owen reveals to Via he also had a plan, but it involved a giant spider biting her and a sudden trip to the hospital. Via is noticeably uncomfortable.
    • Phil and Keely talk about time travel.
    Phil: There's two things I've learned from time travel. First, never eat the fish. In any century.
    Keely: Duh.
  • From "Ill of the Future;" the Diffy family comes down with a future sickness that causes you to act the opposite of your usual personality. The first sign is that Pim starts being nice to Phil.
    Phil: Dad, Pim's being nice to me!
    Lloyd: (sighs) Pim, stop being nice to your brother.
    Pim: I can't help it!
    Lloyd: Well then, Phil, whatever you're doing to make your sister be nice to you, knock it off!
  • From "My Way," Keely complains to Phil about her rival in a singing competition.
    Keely: I can't stand her! I wish a building would fall on her! I wish she'd get stung by a fifty-pound bee!
    Keely: (switching to Phil's bedroom, Phil playing drums) I wish a dog would mistake her for a fire hydrant! I wish the US Women's Soccer team would use her as a football!
    Phil: Hey, how about being run over by a steam roller?
    Keely: (giving him a look) Phil, grow up!
  • From "The Giggle," Keely ropes Phil into being her cameraman for her "flashy demo reel" to apply to journalism school. She decides to do her report from a blizzard and demands Phil create snow. He does, out of paper, gleefully throwing handfuls of it front of a fan. He also decides to throw in a fake trout for good measure.
    • Phil shows Keely how to use the Giggle. There's only one problem.
    Phil: It's really only made for one.
    Keely: We could sit close?
    Phil: Okay. '(Scoots over. Keely sits next to him, cheek to cheek.)
    Keely: You okay?
    Phil: beat Uh-huh.
    • Everything about the incredibly hard make-up test Phil and Keely take.
  • In "Phil of the Garage," Phil moves into the family garage and throws a party, only to have the electricity shut off because of an ongoing argument with his parents regarding expenses. Keely complains that everyone now wants to leave.
  • From "Virtu-Date:"
    Phil: Forbidden Romance calls for Forbidden Hedge Trimming.
  • From "Christmas Break:"
    Pim: What kind of name is Keely?
    Phil: Asks Pim.
    Phil (to Keely): Well, see, I actually met you before you met me.
    Pim: Met her? You followed her around like a pathetic puppy.
    Keely (to Phil): Oh, really?
    Phil: scoffs uncomfortably
    Pim: You were like (falsetto) "Oh, we have to help the pretty crying girl!"
    • Phil and Pim venture into Totally Radical territory with outdated slang and pop culture knowledge, much to the confusion of contemporaries.
    • The Diffy's sing a completely disturbing and mangled version of "O Christmas Tree" that involves child-killing Christmas trees. Keely, trying not to seem perturbed, asks if it's a future Christmas carol. Nope, it's an ad for a robotic Christmas tree. They just liked the tune.
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  • From "Phillin' In:"
    Keely: She's in Indonesia.
    Phil: What? No, you have your latitude and longitude mixed up.
    Keely: (annoyed sigh) I do that several times a day!
    Phil: She's next to Kid Rock and Ricki Lake.
    Keely: I know a shortcut through Tiger Woods. (Phil gives her a strange look) ... I know. This is a weird town.
  • From "Milkin' It:"
    Phil: Keely, Keely, Keely.
    Keely: [pushes Phil gently] Don't you triple Keely me!
    • In the future, machines run on...milk.
  • From "Dinner Time:"
    Barb: That's perfect! I could be the hostess with the mostest!
    Pim: Mom, you can't even make toastess.
    • Barb's enthusiasm about throwing an "old-fashioned" dinner party. She creates appetizers out of a random assortment of food from the fridge. She uses the Wizard to dress Lloyd and the kids appropriately...for 1950.
    • Phil complains about Barb's original choice of a suit and tie. She uses the Wizard again and Phil ends up looking like a greaser.
    Phil: Why are my thumbs up?
  • From "Tia, Via, or Me...Uh:"
    • Keely thanks Phil for introducing her to Via with a kiss on the cheek. Phil is overjoyed at the prospect of getting a kiss every time he introduces her to a new girl. He pulls a completely random girl away from her locker to introduce her to Keely.
    • Phil has a Sad-Times Montage when Keely starts spending all her time with Via. The montage cuts to him doing the activities he usually does with Keely by himself and looking sad. The scene cuts to a Sweetheart Sipping scene and pans over the other participant...Owen. Owen declares this "too weird" and leaves.
    • Phil creates a Keely replicate to get some time with the real Keely.
    Phil: What I need you to do is go to the street fair...
    Keely Replicate: I love the street fair.
    Phil: ...with Via...
    Keely Replicate: I love Via.
    Phil: ...while I take Keely, the real Keely, skyaking.
    Keely Replicate: I love skyaking.
    Phil: Yes, but you're going to the street fair.
    Keely Replicate: I love the street fair. (gasp) Pillows!
  • From "Back to the Future (Not the Movie):"
    • The whole school votes Phil and Keely as Cutest Couple. Neither of them knew this until Keely read it aloud on the school's morning news. Hilarity Ensues as she tries to process this information and continue with her broadcast in a professional manner, before ultimately going "The end!" and calling for a cut.
    • Phil and Keely confirm they want to be together, but are now totally awkward around each other. They attempt to hold hands and can't get the logistics right.
    • Keely Lampshades their Everyone Can See It relationship.
    Keely: Yay, we're a couple!
    Phil: Shhh!
    Keely: Phil, the whole school just voted us Cutest Couple. I think they know.
    • Phil's Crush Filter that shows Keely in a spotlight with fans blowing her hair just so while she walks in slow motion. He looks down and moves his hands to ensure the whole world isn't also moving in slow motion. He looks back up. Yep, still Crush Filter.
    • Phil comes home walking on Cloud Nine after his Relationship Upgrade. He hugs Pim, much to her disgust.
    Phil: Isn't everything more colorful today?
    • The revelation that new restrictions have been put on time traveling in the future, which is called the "Thanks to the Diffies" law. Lloyd doesn't get why it's called that.
    • Phil and Keely share a Big Damn Kiss in the middle of Keely's news broadcast. Their first kiss is seen around the school to much applause. After he leaves, Keely attempts to compose herself and continue with her reporting.
    Keely: Uh, in other news...Oh, we all know nothing's gonna top that. (Throws her notes in the air)
    • The final scene of the final episode, where the Diffys realize they've forgotten somebody. Cue Curtis stumbling around in the present day wondering where everybody's gone.

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