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Heartwarming / Classic Disney Shorts

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It's Walt Disney, so of course there are some heartwaming moments.

  • The ending of "Mickey's Good Deed", where Pluto manages to escape the Spoiled Brat Adelbert and reunite with Mickey. It might even double as a Tear Jerker for fans of Mickey and Pluto.
  • The very end of "The Mad Doctor" after Mickey wakes up, Pluto comes into his room and licks him. That was quite refreshing.
  • The ending to "Pluto's Party", where after it seems Pluto's birthday party is a wreck and the guests ate all the cake, it turns out Mickey saved him a slice.
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  • The plot of "Pluto's Fledgling", in which a bighearted Pluto tries to help a baby bird learn how to fly.
  • The ending to "Puppy Love". Mickey had just broken up with Minnie after a misunderstanding and swears he'll never speak to her again. Yet when Minnie, who had now realized the truth, calls for him, Mickey is instantly happy and rushes over to her with Super Speed.
  • The ending to "Fathers Are People". Goofy (in his George Geef personna), who had been dealing with Junior's antics throughout the picture and is just about to give him a thrashing when Junior leaps out of his crib and hugs him before going to sleep. Goofy is so touched that he is moved to tears.
  • A subtle one in "Out on a Limb." Donald spends a lot of the short using his shears to terrorize Chip and Dale, but at one point when he snips off a branch that Dale's on and nearly causes him to fall off the tree, Donald manages to pick him back up and save his life.
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  • In "Building a Building", Pete steals Mickey's lunch. Minnie, who is selling box lunches, takes pity on Mickey when he finds his lunch missing and lets him have one of her box lunches free of charge.
  • The ending to "Pluto's Christmas Tree" where Chip and Dale join Donald, Minnie and Goofy in singing "Deck the Halls". Becomes a Crowning Moment of Funny when Chip becomes so fed up with Pluto's howling that he slaps a "Do not open until Christmas" sticker on his mouth.