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Heartwarming / An Extremely Goofy Movie

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"I may not be your little boy anymore, but I'll always be your son."

  • The scene from near the end where Max moves towards the finish line with Goofy happily looking on.
    Tank: That's some kid you got there.
    Goofy: You're wrong, Tank. He's not a kid anymore.
    • Also the fact that they helped Tank in the first place. The dude was Brad's enforcer throughout the film, and they were willing to help him despite being in a giant flaming X. That says a lot about these two.
  • Goofy, who had been a single father for years, finds a girlfriend right at the time that his son left the nest, so that Goofy won't have to be lonely in the following years. She has a great deal of chemistry with him and can even finish his sentences. Goofy goes so far as to say that the first date he had with her was the best night of his life. They do have some strife, but they manage to patch it up rather simply. She motivates him to work hard to graduate, and they're still together at the end of the movie, driving off into the sunset.
  • PJ earning his happy ending. He doesn't have to deal with his dad anymore, which calms his nerves considerably. He shows Hidden Depths and finds a love interest who cares about him as a person. He becomes happier and more confident, which is even more heartwarming if you know Goofy once told him he would come out of his shell eventually. And the constant huge smiles during the Dance Party Ending. None of the other characters smile as much as PJ during that scene, including Bobby and Goofy.
  • Furthermore, just the greater bond the trio show. Bobby was a bit of an odd guy the two met and they're on friendly terms with him, but as an aquiantance. However, here we see them be a true trio of friends and Bobby's influence has helped bring a good deal ofoptimism back into Max and PJ's lives. Best seen when they stick up for one another when they meet Bradley.
    • Related, Max refusing to join the Gammas unless his friends can join, too, telling Bobby, "It's all of us or none of me."
  • Early on, Goofy hands down Max an heirloom, an old-fashioned counting machine. Even though Max is less than impressed with the gift, he still thanks Goofy and tells him it means a lot to him.
  • When Max gives Goofy the X-Games trophy, telling him to read the inscription, which is a Call-Back to the first film: "I might not be your little boy anymore, but I'll always be your son." (Cue big hug between the two)
  • When Max threatens to transfer, PJ immediately runs over to stop him, relapsing a bit from his Character Development. Even when everything's going right for him, he still shows Undying Loyalty to Max. Max assumed PJ and Bobby didn't want him on their team because he lost at his best event but that group of friends is tight. Beret Girl also does her best despite only meeting them this year and it's Bobby's Rousing Speech that gets them up, all while Beret Girl remaks on "boys being boys" with a smile.
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  • When Max is packing for college, Goofy places Old Stuffed Bear in his suitcase, only for Max to take it out. Even with Goofy's urging, Max still refuses to take a teddy bear to college and even goes as far as to throw it at the wall. But right when Max is about to go to sleep, he picks Old Stuffed Bear off the floor and holds it close, deciding to sleep with it one last time.

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