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  • "Zummi Makes It Hot": Cavin carrying Zummi on his back when he's too afraid to walk across the rope bridge.
  • Sunni's rescue in "A Gummi In A Gilded Cage": It's the first time we ever see Gruffi's softer side, and seeing him call her "sweetie" and Sunni rush into his outstretched arms when she's free makes it clear how much he really cares about his kids.
  • "When You Wish Upon A Stone" ends on an adorable note for the young human leads: Cavin was so embarrassed when Unwyn beat him in front of the princess earlier by fighting dirty. During their rematch, Calla quietly cheers him on and throws him a flower when he wins.
    Calla: You'll be a worthy knight someday... Sir Cavin.
    Cavin: (bowing) Thank you... m'lady!
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  • The end of "Loopy, Go Home": Cubbi runs away after Gruffi finds out about the wolf pup he's been hiding and refuses to let him keep him. Like any parent, while he's out looking for him, Gruffi plans to give the kid the worst scolding he's ever gotten. Of course, when he finds him, his mood completely changes, especially when he hears Cubbi say, "Gruffi was right," having realized that keeping the wild animal as a pet has made him unable to survive on his own. One rescue from a poacher later, Gruffi, in gratitude for the wolf saving them, says he can stay, but Cubbi, even though you can see it's tearing him up, makes him go back with his pack, knowing he'll be safe with them and that he belongs in the wild. The two then walk home hand in hand.
    Gruffi: That was a very grown-up thing you did, Cubbi. I'm very proud of you.
  • Cubbi spends most of the Stern Chase in "Gummi In a Strange Land" telling Grammi what Gruffi's taught him about things like survival and tracking and using it to get them through the dangerous landscape of Drekmore and track the slumber sprite. This is heartwarming from two different angles. First, it shows that the two have spent a lot of time together, with Gruffi teaching the young cub everything he knows, like the fishing lesson seen at the start of the episode. Second, it shows just how much Cubbi looks up to his leader and how much he wants to be like him, which he admits to Grammi.
    • But it's hard to say if any of that beats the revelation of what Grammi really thinks of Gruffi when she asks the slumber sprite to release him from the spell (after spending the entire episode complaining about the way he does things and what he's taught Cubbi, only to see for herself that his Indy Ploy approach to problems is really necessary sometimes):
    Sprite: You're better off without him.
    Grammi: Well, sometimes I think so... but, no... Gruffi's usually more sensible than any of us, and all his noise is just his way of showing he cares. We need him.
    • The fact that she later stops Cubbi from telling Gruffi what she said about him or how hard she worked to save him somehow only makes it sweeter.
  • At the beginning of "For Whom The Spell Holds," Gruffi gets so annoyed by Zummi's magic that he calls the Inept Mage an amateur whose nothing compared to the Great Gummis. At the end when the adventure is over, Zummi's thrilled to have the Great Book back because he believes his magic is what makes him useful to the team and he's nothing without it; Gruffi is the one who tells him that he's wrong and reminds him that he chased the monster who stole the Book, faced his fear of heights, defeated Zorlok, and saved the world using his brains and courage alone, not magic.
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  • "Little Bears Lost" reveals that Grammi and Zummi have been best friends since childhood, as, during their trek through the house while an inch tall, they recall all the fun times they had as kids.
  • "Day of the Beevilweevils": Gusto refusing to let Tummi leave on his Redemption Quest alone.
    Tummi: I'm going alone. No one's gonna take any risks for something that was my fault.
    Gusto: Gee, and I was going alone so no one would take any risks on a trip that was my idea... Well, I'd say that makes us a pretty good team, huh? Okay, you load up, and I'll leave a note for the others. (tosses another sack of supplies at him)
    Tummi: (catches it and smiles) It's a deal!
  • The end of "The White Knight": Sir Victor thanks Cavin for giving him the courage to face his pride and reveal the truth about his family, then gives him the medal King Gregor gave him earlier. Why? Because...
    Victor: Thou art my hero!
    Cavin: Wow...
  • The incredibly emotional good-bye scene at the beginning of "The Road To Ursalia," as Gruffi sets off to look for another copy of the Great Book he accidentally destroyed. Cubbi tries to go along, but Gruffi convinces him to stay behind willingly (for 2 minutes, anyway...) by asking him to stay and take care of the others. Sunni gives him a flower that later gives him a Heroic Second Wind when things are going rough. Instead of arguing with him like usual, Grammi gives him a supply of juice and impulsively hugs him. No wonder that when he leaves, he waits until he's in the Quick Cart with his back towards everyone else before wiping his eyes.
  • "Rocking Chair Bear": Everyone promising the aged Sunni they'll get her lock of hair back to save her from Lady Bane's spell.
    Gruffi: Don't worry, sweetie, I'll find that hair if I have to tear that witch's castle apart stone by stone!
    Gusto: Count me in, too!
    Zummi: Me, too!
  • Everyone's reaction to seeing Zummi is all right in "King Igthorn Part 2" after watching him fall in the ocean. Even Gruffi hugs him!
  • In "Eye of the Beholder", Marzipan has bewitched everyone including Calla, who breaks off her friendship with Sunni. However when Sunni realizes she has the sugar that will break Marzipan's glamour, she declares "I may not be Calla's friend anymore but she's still mine!" and goes to break the spell.
  • When Igthorn uses magic to seal King Gregor in a glass egg, Calla runs to the Gummis for help. Gruffi is his usual self for most of the scene but when Calla starts crying, he insists on doing something to help; the pair end up working together to get the egg back and release the king. It's not just the cubs Gruffi watches out for.
  • "Up, Up and Away," when Cubbi is so moved by Gruffi's parting gift, a plaque with his likeness entitled "Sir Cubbi," that he tells the departing Chummi that he can't leave his family, regardless of the fact that he is throwing away seemingly his one chance of being a knight. When he returns, the Glen Gummis, Cavin and Princess Calla make it up to him by arranging a formal ceremony where the Princess fulfills Cubbi's dream as best she can by dubbing the young Gummi "The Unseen Knight and the Secret Defender of Dunwyn."
  • Igthorn even manages one in the series finale: his grand scheme has failed, his castle has collapsed to rubble, his ogres have walked out on him but.. "Dukey still has faithful Toady!" And Igthorn flashes a small, sad, genuine smile.

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