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Duke Igthorn is Skeletor
His clothes are the same as Skeletor and both shows take place in a medieval setting. He is Skeletor with skin and this show is a prequel to He-Man.

The original premise of the show was The Black Cauldron The Series.

  • Cavin is Taran, the would-be Kid Hero with a lot to learn. Calla is Eilonwy, the Tomboy Princess with latent magical talent, and Cubby is Gurgi, the annoying little loudmouth who usually messes things up for the protagonists, but who eventually saves the day by accident. Unfortunately for Disney, the film came out half-baked and was a Box Office Bomb. But with significant pre-production work already done, they were reluctant to throw everything in the garbage. Then Michael Eisner saw his kid eating this candy, and the rest is history...

Post-series, Cavin and Calla end up marrying and leading Dunwyn, and eventually the world, into a Golden Age through their status as Gummi Friends.
Given the technology Gummis are shown to have access to, not to mention their magic and in cases like the Barbics and the knights of Gummadoon, fighting prowess, it's not a stretch to imagine that Dunwyn would see leaps and bounds in many areas of their society that would make it a world power in short order. Not to mention Cavin is one of the only, if not the only, human who would be able to claim universal trust among Gummis given that the Glen Gummis have all but adopted him and the Gummadoon Gummis and Barbics all believe he's a credit to the human species.

The Gummi Bears are related.
They just don’t say it maybe for cultural reasons. Gruffi and Grammi are the parents, Zummi is the grandparent, Tummi is the older son, Sunni the teen daughter, Cubby the younger kid and Gusto the gay cousin.
  • Alternatively Zummi and Grammi are the grandparents, and Gruffi's pair is dead.
  • Or their concept of "family" is more like that of gargoyles instead of humans — they don't keep track of blood relations because it doesn't matter.

Winnie the Pooh is a Gummi Bear
He doesn't bounce much though, because he's a little too fond of honey...and Gummi juice isn't nearly as sweet.

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