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Heartwarming / Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

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  • Near the beginning, after retrieving loot from a band of thieves, Aladdin doesn't hesitate to toss almost all of it into the streets of Agrabah for the needy and poverty-ridden, most likely remembering his own life prior to the first movie.
    Abu! We're not the ones who need this money.
  • When Genie returns to Agrabah, he almost immediately launches into a musical number about his trip around the world... and how much he missed Aladdin and the others during it. Even the line right before the start of the song:
    Genie: Agrabah has something that no other place in the world has! YOU GUYS!
    • Despite being free and being able to be anywhere he wants, he chooses to return to Agrabah to be with his former master Aladdin as he now considers him his friend.
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  • When Genie ruins a romantic moment for Aladdin and Jasmine by pestering them with a camera, Iago, outraged, shoos everyone out so they can have some time alone. The scene is a key moment in his journey to redemption.
  • During the final climax, Iago has been beaten down to near certain death by Jafar. Now apparently a goner and with nothing to lose or gain from serving either side anymore, he chooses to save Aladdin's group and destroys Jafar's lamp in what strength he has left. Doubles after he gets better after all.
  • Iago originally intended to befriend Aladdin as a way to get back into power. However, he ends up genuinely liking Aladdin after he sticks up for Iago and is unable to go through with Jafar's revenge plans, choosing Aladdin over Jafar. As a result, he becomes Aladdin's second pet.

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