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Nightmare Fuel / Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

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He's watching you!

  • Jafar when he is released from the lamp. Abis Mal himself is terrified he cowers in fear! And Jafar has to scale himself down from his Genie form into his human one.
    Jafar: (to Abis Mal) TAKE ME TO AGRABAH AT ONCE!
    Abis Mal: (cowering and whimpering in fear)
    Jafar: I suppose I am a bit too much for his limited mind. (Transforms into human form) I trust you'll find me a little less overwhelming now?
    • The biggest reason is due to Jonathan Freeman's sinister laugh when he is released and when the scene ends.
      • Complete with Abis Mal's creepy smile to exit the scene out.
    • The way Jafar manipulates Abis Mal into wasting his first two wishes. Abis Mal's first wish is for the sunken treasure ship of Coeur du Mer... and Jafar grants this wish by teleporting him to the ship instead of the other way around - and as its name implies the ship is WAY under the sea. In other words Abis Mal ended up somewhere that's so deep underwater that he could've almost certainly drowned, together with two big sea creatures threatening him, and as a result he was forced to use his second wish to get out of Jafar misinterpreting his first one on purpose.
  • When Jafar suddenly appears in front of the reformed Iago. The lights go out on Iago and Jafar suddenly appears from the darkness! Then he threatens the terrified parrot into luring Aladdin into his trap.
    Iago: Oh, yeah. Bein' one of the good guys has its advantages. Ahh, advisor to Aladdin, the new grand vizier. And when Aladdin becomes Sultan, that will make me the grand vizier! Only I'm not gonna blow it like that idiot Jafar!! (eats a cluster of grapes) I'll NEVER have to stand in his shadow again! (Suddenly, the lights go out, spotlight switches on over Iago, and Jafar appears out of the darkness!) AWK! JAFAR!!!! [chuckles nervously] Uh... Buddy? (Jafar blasts Iago with his dark powers and ominous candelabras surround the parrot) A-a-a f-f-f-funny thing happened. You see, this guy took the lamp. Y-You probably thought it was me 'cause it sounded a lot like me! But a lot of people sound like me! Anyway, he took the lamp—
    Jafar: (appearing on the pillar Iago is leaning against) Calm yourself, Iago. I haven't come for revenge against you.
    Iago: He-he-he! S-So that's good to hear!
    Abis Mal: I got it! I could wish for the famed treasure chest of King Malakhan!
    (Jafar blasts Abis Mal inside a treasure chest, then promptly makes the chest disappear, releasing the thief)
    Jafar: Oh, I am dreadfully sorry, I thought that was your wish. Are you quite all right?
    Abis Mal: No, I am not quite all—
    Jafar: Wonderful. Good to see all's well. (Jafar turns his attention to the trembling and terrified Iago) Abis Mal here is my new friend. And I couldn't help noticing that you've made some new friends, too! Like...Aladdin!
    Iago: FRIEND?! Uh... F-F-Friend is... such a strong word! He's-He's... more of an acquaintance!
    Jafar: I'm arranging a little... surprise for Aladdin... and your job is to lead him to the party!
    Iago: You know, I don't think I'm the guy for this job. You know, you should talk to... uh... the monkey! Yeah! The monkey's really got Aladdin's ear!
    Jafar: No, Iago... YOU!
    • Later, Iago has a sudden flash of conscience to warn Aladdin and Jasmine of what danger they are in, but Jafar's evilly omniscient eyes suddenly appear on the curtain above Al and Jas (see page image), and, fearful of his safety, Iago refrains from warning them. As soon as Aladdin and Jasmine leave the room, and as the ashamed parrot turns away, Jafar then appears from nowhere and sadistically praises Iago for following through on his evil plan with a evil sneer "Excellent..."
  • Jafar's response to the Genie when the latter states that Thou Shall Not Kill brings up very terrifying implications of what a Physical God can be capable of.
  • His Villain Song "You're Only Second Rate" involves torturing them in imaginative ways.
    • The song also shows what can be considered as Jafar as a freed genie: a blood-red giant with clawed hands and feet and holding a giant version of his snake staff. It only causes one to wonder what this implies Jafar would have established himself as once he did get freed.
  • Once Jasmine is chained in the dungeons and she confronts Iago for his betrayal, Jafar comments on her spirit while holding her face. When she attempts to bite him, he says that perhaps a few days like this will make her more "kindly disposed" toward him. Note that by now, Jafar is a genie planning in use Abis Mal's third wish to free himself and has no need of her like in the first movie. Either he developed a creepy crush on her or he still wants to get back at her for all the time he spent serving her father. Both are less than pleasant scenarios.
  • On the way to Aladdin's execution, Razoul steps into the shadows, then returns wearing an executioner's hood and a terrifying Slasher Smile. To Aladdin's horror, Razoul then tests the executioner sword on a thick block of wood, and easily slices through it with one blow.
  • Aladdin's path to near-decapitation. Along with Jafar disguising himself as Jasmine to appear at the execution. As "she" approaches Aladdin on the executioner's block, the disguised Jafar briefly reveals his true form to Aladdin, just as one last time to sadistically mock him before the blade falls. Thanks to Iago, Genie manages to save Al at literally the last second.
    Jafar-disguised-as-Jasmine: I just wanted to say good bye... (Jasmine's face morphs quickly into Jafar's face) Street Rat!
  • The final battle, and Jafar showing off his true power as a Genie. The situation is so bleak, so helpless, if it weren't for Iago, he most definitely would've won.
    • Jafar's demise is rather disturbing and violent as well. To elaborate, after Iago kicks his lamp into the lava, Jafar screams in pain as his lamp begins to melt in the magma. As the black lamp melts completely, Jafar continues to scream in agony as he is electrocuted (with his skeleton flashing), before spinning into a tornado and violently exploding into dust.
      • It was censored in the DVD version, though that was less because it was too scary and more because the flashing lights could induce seizures.