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Awesome / Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

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  • For Iago, no less and this cements his Heel–Face Turn. Jafar's seconds from winning and gloating about it like the Smug Snake that he is. When he tells Al that "there's no one to save [him] this time", you hear four very screechy but most awesome words.
    • Also when Iago frees Genie from the crystal ball Jafar's trapped him inside (by dropping it from a great height to shatter on the floor, even while straining visibly at the weight) and when, at a point of near-death, he summons up the last of his strength to kick Jafar's lamp into the molten lava below, destroying Jafar once and for all, and saving the day.
  • Another one for Iago towards the beginning of the movie, where he actually manages to defeat Abys Mal and his thugs single-handedly. Sure, part of it was luck, but he did set out to whoop Abys Mal, and he succeeded above and beyond his goal. The fact that his rescue of Aladdin and Abu was more or less coincidental doesn't take away from the awesome feel of Iago yelling "AND I GOT MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!" at the defeated villains.
  • A more villainous example is Jafar's Villain Song "You're Only Second Rate", where he manages to overpower and capture Genie without even breaking a sweat.
    • And it becomes even more awesome when you remember the certain line that Aladdin says to trick Jafar in the first movie: "The Genie has more power than you'll ever have! [...] Face it, Jafar! You're still just second best!" It's possible this song is Jafar's response to that particular line, as if he's saying, "WHO'S 'SECOND BEST' NOW, BITCH?!"

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