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  • Rat!Jasmine and Lizard!Iago giving a watermelon to a poor family in "Do the Rat Thing".
  • When Jasmine is tricked by Mirage into using a magical lotion (by playing on her insecurities concerning her appearance and how much Aladdin loves her), she wakes up to find herself turning into a giant snake. Jasmine's friends offering their moral support.
    Jasmine (sobbing): What'll I do?!
    Aladdin: Don't worry, we'll find a cure.
    Jasmine: What if there isn't one?
    Genie: Why, sure there is! The Tree of Renewal. Its fruit is good for whatever ails you.
    Iago: Wait! Wait a minute! I've heard of this tree! It's impossible to get to!
    Genie: Not impossible! Maybe a little death-defying...."
    Aladdin: I don't care! (takes Jasmine's hand) I swear on my love for you, I will cure you. (they embrace)
    • Aladdin and the gang accompany her to find a cure, but when the fruit withers in her hand, she demands that they all return to Agrabah without her. Aladdin then uses the lotion on himself, turning himself into a snake, so that he can stay with her. Awww.
    • Followed by Fasir tells Mirage that her hatred for Aladdin is nothing compared to Aladdin and Jasmine's love for each other and restores the Antidote Fruit tree. Al and Jas each take a fruit and are human again. Happy Ending after all.
    • When Aladdin and Jasmine kiss at the end, their friends are happy to see them together. Even Iago, who normally is disgusted when they are romantic to each other, doesn't even complain.
  • Aladdin admitting that Jasmine will always be the one for him.
  • The above is really driven home in "Sandswitch" where, in the altered reality, Aladdin and Jasmine never even met. Despite that, once they locked eyes with each other, they both felt a spark. Goes to show just how deep their love for each other really is.
    • At the end of that episode, Abu and Iago hug Aladdin and Jasmine, and Rajah happily licks Jasmine after Sadira's spell is broken. The two animals even do a cute little Happy Dance.
  • Also in "Elemental, My Dear Jasmine", no matter what Saleen tried, Aladdin and Jasmine never let her come between them. For a moment, Jasmine was devastated when she thought Aladdin betrayed her heart after seeing him with Saleen, but thankfully her fears were unfounded when she also heard Aladdin directly tell Saleen that Jasmine's the only one for him, making her elated.
    Aladdin: (to Saleen) You've got to release Jasmine! (turns to look at Jasmine's image in the well) I love her...
    Jasmine: I love you, too, Aladdin...
  • Eden makes friends with Dhandi, a homeless girl, even encouraging her to make better wishes. Dhandi's last wish is for them to be together forever. D'aww. Eden doesn't seem to mind terribly much, even if it was accidental. Unfortunately, it means Eden and Genie can't be together until Dhandi dies. Still, Genie seems willing to wait.
    • However, they are seen again in a later episode so Genie and Eden have still continued their relationship.
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    • In the same episode that Eden is introduced in, she uses Loophole Abuse to her advantage after Abis Mal stole her bottle and wished for her to imprison Genie at the bottom of the ocean. Genie’s reaction to learning that Eden didn’t betray him (like he had far too quickly assumed) is just precious.
      Eden: (left a message on Genie’s answering machine) It’s me, Eden. Exit’s down the hall to your right. Abis Mal said “ocean floor”, but he didn’t say “forever”!
  • Basically, any romantic interaction between Aladdin and Jasmine.
  • The ending of "Seems Like Old Crimes".
  • In "Lost and Founded", the time portal briefly shows the caravan leader Hamed a vision of Agrabah, the city he would one day build. Hamed gazes in awe at the beautiful city. This seems to be what convinced him to settle down when prior to that he was very reluctant to try, and not helping the time-traveling Abis Mal making it difficult for him.
    • When he mentions the market, Aladdin and Jasmine immediately smile at each other, remembering how they met in the marketplace.
  • The ending of "Much Abu About Something".
  • The climax of "The Lost Ones". Despite being Mirage's loyal flunkey since he was a boy, the hardened thug Amal can't bring himself to kill his old friend Aladdin on her orders. When Mirage abandons him to die for his defiance, Amal realizes he's about to be repaid in full for years of evil and accepts where his choices have led him, braces himself for it, only to discover that sometimes the Aladdin universe does go easy on the bad guys so long as they choose to do the right thing when it counts (similar to Iago surviving "The Return Of Jafar"). Bad guy or not, Aladdin is relieved Amal is okay and the two reconcile soon after. Little Wahid, who almost wound up trapped like Amal, also learns a lasting lesson about not joining demonic gangs.
    • For context, bear in mind that the demons under Mirage's employ, "El Katib", can only join if they have the seed of evil within them. It takes someone pretty nasty to become one. The fact that Amal partly turned human again shows he was never beyond redemption, especially if he chose friendship over blind obedience. And so, Amal decides to travel the world to regain his humanity one good deed at a time.
  • Despite their understandable resentment towards each other given their interactions in the past, Aladdin and Razoul prove they are capable of working together. In "Mudder's Day" Razoul pulls Aladdin out from under a pile of dirt. In "Destiny on Fire" Razoul stopped Aladdin from going to the palace so he would not suffer at the hands of Aziz. Then the ending had this line:
    Aladdin: As long as Razoul stays as my captain of the Royal Guards.
    Razoul: I'm not going anywhere...
  • In "Scare Necessities" Iago spends most of the episode angrily trying to scare a creature that grants wishes when frightened so it can escape, yet it does not find him frightening at all (except the first time). He takes to calling it Squirt and after saving it from the thieves guild the two start to form a genuine friendship. When Squirt's original owner comes calling, Iago finally manages to frighten him by showing him his own reflection and screaming, which causes Squirt to vanish as he grants his own wish. Iago is sad to see him go (and the wish he never got), but ultimately Squirt ends up in a paradise full of other creatures just like him.
  • The way the Sultan treats Aladdin. He doesn't harbor any animosity towards him which is so common among in-laws and future in-laws nor does he look down upon Aladdin for his humble origins. Rather, he treats Aladdin with nothing but respect, even training him to become the Sultan. He even calls him "my boy". Especially when you consider Aladdin grew up without a father figure, that makes it really sweet.
  • In "Genie Hunt", the scene where Aladdin attempts to risk his life to save Genie after he gets captured by Mukhtar to become Ajed's slave.
    Ajed: Ah, my Genie!
    Aladdin: If you want Genie, you'll have to take me first!
    Ajed: Huh?
    Mukhtar (picks up his sword): Very well.
    Genie: Al, no!
    Ajed: Stop! Down! Down! Are you off your rocker? You'd surrender your life for your genie?!
    Aladdin: No. For my friend.
  • Whenever there's a dangerous or stressful situation, Aladdin and Jasmine immediately embrace each other for comfort.
  • In "My Fair Aladdin": after Aladdin humiliates himself at a dinner and tries to become more cultured to fit in, Jasmine just brushes it off and says he was just being himself. When he again tries to put on the cultured act, Jasmine just becomes confused and says she'll be back when he's normal again. She shows that she already loves Aladdin the way he is and doesn't want him to conform to the rigid standards of the elite.
  • While the episode with Arbutus features lots of nightmarish and heartbreaking moments, it also has the heartwarming reveal that the thing the Sultan prizes above all else is Jasmine.

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