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Heartwarming / The Tigger Movie

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Tigger's family.

  • Pooh's Lullabee. There's something heartwarming about him trying to sing the bees to sleep, while Piglet and Eeyore wait around for him to come back. If you just came off watching the original Pooh movies, it gives you the feeling of being home again.
  • Piglet feels genuinely worried when Pooh does not come down for a long time and goes to check on him to see if he got stuck or something else; total true feelings for someone who is worried for their best friend's safety.
  • The letter:
    "Dear Tigger, Just a note to say dress warmly, eat well, stay safe and sound, keep smiling, we're always there for you. Signed, your family."
    • The fact that when they recited the letter from memory to Tigger, Eeyore cracked a smile when he read the "keep smiling" part.
  • The ending where they take the picture for the locket.
  • Roo's complete idolization of Tigger. He emulates him constantly, has pictures of him all over his room, and flat out states he wants Tigger as his big brother.
  • When the others decide to go search for Tigger, Pooh immediately entrusts Rabbit with leading them, claiming he's the only one smart enough to do it. Despite some arguing at first, it doesn't take much persuasion for Rabbit to agree.
    • A Heartwarming in Hindsight case - in the last Pooh feature film, Rabbit underwent Character Development after screwing up as navigator, pulling out of a Heroic BSoD to make a strategy to get everyone to safety. Given Pooh, unbeknownst to Rabbit, had witnessed all of this, it seems like he had convinced someone of his leadership skills after all.
  • Rabbit giving his coat to Piglet during the blizzard.
    Piglet: T-t-t-t-t-thank y-y-y...
    Rabbit: Oh, you're welcome.
  • It ended badly, but the attempt by Tigger's friends to dress as Tiggers and go to his 'family reunion', just so he won't be disappointed, is heartwarming in just what insane lengths they would go to make sure he knew he was loved.
    • Thankfully, Piglet's Big Movie shows that Tigger came to appreciate what his friends were doing for him that night, as he sees the event drawn in Piglet's book of memories and he breaks into tears at the memory, all the resentment he had towards his friends now gone.
  • While Tigger persists in staying at his "family tree", he still begs the others to go back to their safe homes, despite being upset with them earlier. When the snowstorm begins he puts his life on the line to rescue everyone, putting them all on branches of the tree.
  • A minor one, but after Tigger, while trying to find his family, bounces onto Eeyore's house the second time, despite Rabbit and Eeyore's dismay, Pooh and Piglet shout Tigger's name, happy to see that he is back to his bouncy old self, after having last seen him despondent earlier. This really shows how forgiving they are of Tigger, and that they hold no ill will against him, even after the Rock Remover accident.
    • After hearing Tigger search for his family, Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore immediately ponder if that's something they are meant to be doing for him and join the search, a first sign of the True Companions motif of the movie.
    • Despite his curmudgeonly attitude, the only reason Rabbit doesn't join is because he is desperately trying to fix Eeyore's house before Winter arrives.
  • The ending has to count, after Tigger accepts his friends as his real family and shares gifts and kind words to them. Roo, seemingly ignored again is left dejected, until Tigger snatches him up and presents him with his gift, his previous Orphan's Plot Trinket.
    Roo: *shocked* Is it really for me, Tigger?
    Tigger: Only the best, for my bestest little brother...
    *puts locket around Roo*
    • These lines as well.
    Tigger: You mean... you fellas... are my family?
    Pooh: I'm afraid we have nothing better to offer.
    Tigger: ...Well, of course not, Pooh boy! 'Cause there's nothing better than the best!
    • Tigger also sees Rabbit's Jerkass Has a Point concern from earlier and makes sure all his friends are well preserved for the winter, Eeyore gets a nice new house, Pooh gets a huge pot of honey, Piglet gets a ton of firewood. Even Rabbit, whom Tigger promises not to bounce into so often, has to note how impressed he is.
  • Roo's entire view of Tigger throughout the movie counts as heartwarming or a Tear Jerker. While Roo had always been friends with Tigger throughout the Disney features, The Tigger Movie expands as to why; he wants a big brother to look up to (he even has tons of drawings of him with Tigger together hanging on his bedroom wall, he outright idolizes him). It is somewhat fitting that The Tigger Movie begins Roo's expanded role in the series.
  • Tying into that, the bedtime scene with Kanga and Roo. Given the two had served as extras for most of the Pooh series beforehand, this movie made sure to limelight the extremely loving mother and son dynamic they had.
  • The credits of The Tigger Movie, which feature Ernest H. Shepherd-style illustrations of everything that happened in the movie, while Kenny Loggins' "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" plays.