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Heartwarming / DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

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Moment pages are Spoilers Off per site policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When Launchpad falls off the pillar during the initial treasure hunt, the kids bolt to grab him and hold him up and, if you listen, you can hear Scrooge yelling his name and commands to hold on in the background.
  • While it's Played for Laughs, throughout the treasure hunt, the kids are pleasant to Dijon and voice concern whenever he gets into trouble. Though it doesn't stop him betraying them, this doesn't seem to have went over him.
    Dijon: Those dirty thieves! And such sweet children. I ask you, Merlock, what is this world coming to?
  • After they patch the hole in their makeshift boat, Louie gives Webby a boost before getting in himself, just like a big brother.
  • The group comes up out of the water, having been mobbed by scorpions, nearly drowned, and robbed of the treasure. Launchpad's first words are, "At least we're all okay." Depending on your feelings about Webby, the fact that he's holding her while saying this might make it even more adorable — especially when they share a hug immediately afterwards.
  • Webby offers to return the lamp to Scrooge (who had given it to her so she could use it as a toy teapot) when he is upset about losing the treasure. He gently turns her down, but it was still very sweet.
    Webby: Here, Unca Scrooge. You can have this back if it'll make you feel better.
    Scrooge: That's alright, Webby dear. It took me forty years to find that treasure. And I plan to get it back, even if it takes another forty.
    • Note the lamp was the one remaining piece of the treasure they had left. He still sweetly told Webby to keep it despite being heartbroken from losing it all.
    • The shot ends with Scrooge and Webby sitting on the log together with her arm around him.
  • Even after they've used up all their wishes, the ducklings still beg Scrooge to let Genie stay with them at the mansion both because they know how much he hates being in the lamp, and because he's their friend.
  • When Scrooge insists that Genie come with him, Genie says goodbye to the kids, and it's clear he enjoyed the time he spent with them being semi-normal, in spite of the inevitable Be Careful What You Wish For antics.
  • The moment where Scrooge's employees and family come to get him out of prison. As Scrooge is having a mourning monologue about losing everything thanks to Dijon's wish, the guard announces "someone here to see [him]", which turns out to be the kids, Mrs. Beakley, Duckworth, and Launchpad. Scrooge jumps up and hugs the youngsters. Duckworth tells him that they combined their funds to set bail, which (given that the kids had to empty their Piggy Banks) seemingly cost the group every penny they had...and apparently, they thought it was worth it. It's an excellent example of Mrs. Beakley, Duckworth and Launchpad's Undying Loyalty, given Scrooge had lost his fortune and thus their services, yet they still stood by him and seem solely concerned about his well-being.
  • After Merlock orders Scrooge's demise, the Genie attempts desperately to resist, but fails. Scrooge, though terrified, shows awareness of this.
  • When Scrooge wishes for himself, his family, and his money bin to be returned safely to Duckburg, Webby is included despite not being a blood relation.
  • At the end, the group is left with what to do with the Genie's lamp. Scrooge, knowing the lamp is utterly dangerous in the wrong hands, says he could wish the lamp to the Earth's core to be rid of it...but then decides to wish the Genie free and turn him into a real boy. What makes it even better is that as Genie joyfully realizes that his greatest wish has been granted, you can see Scrooge smiling and clapping his hands. The world's richest duck really does have a Hidden Heart of Gold.
  • Gene and the nephews gleefully beginning a game of cops and robbers after Scrooge's final wish. Gene finally has what he's always wanted...a normal life.