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Heartwarming / The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

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  • The family's reconciliation near the end of the movie.
    Melody: I'm sorry, Mother.
    Ariel: Oh no, sweetie, we're sorry. We should've told you the truth.
    • Then Triton just comes and adds more of the heartwarmingness.
      Triton: Just like your mother.
      • And to top it all off, Melody runs to him and embraces him as her grandfather, for the first time.
    • A subtle one, but when Triton gives Melody a choice to become a mermaid permanently in Atlantica, look closely at her parents' faces. They are understandably shocked because, after all, that means their beloved only child would be living somewhere else at a young age. But, they then show faces of support for their daughter. That they will respect whatever choice she makes.
  • The ending of the movie, where the mermaids and humans unite and Melody is on her way to making lots of friends. She even offers a second chance to the kids who were rude to her at her birthday party, which they accept.
  • In her duet with her daughter, Ariel sings that when she finds Melody, she will hold her close and sing the song of the sea with her.
    • There's also a brief moment wherein we can see Ariel in her old grotto, which Triton likely rebuilt after the last movie's events.
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    • Melody's enthusiasm over being a mermaid.
  • Ariel and Flounder reuniting after 12 years. Followed by Flounder (with no hesitation) agreeing to help his best friend find her missing daughter.
  • The entire "Down to the Sea" song that introduces Melody at her christening.
    • The first scene: You can just feel the love Ariel has for Melody.
    • And it's a quick moment, but there are a couple of toys in Baby!Melody's mobile. What are they? Wood carving toys of Sebastian and Flounder.
    • Baby!Melody in general. You can't stop squealing about her cuteness.
    • Sebastian smiling warmly at baby Melody when she holds out her arms in his direction.
    • Triton creating a rainbow with his trident after seeing Melody for the first time.
  • Triton giving Melody the locket so she'll always have a part of the sea with her.
  • Even though it was short, Melody's interactions with the merboy, Alex, can be described with one word: Adorkable.
    • And when he introduces his two friends to "Mel-Mel", they both immediately take a liking to her, with one asking if she wants to hang out with them.
  • When Melody realises her mother had lied to her, Morgana comforts her by saying "you're not the only one with a mother who doesn't understand you; believe me." Although Morgana is manipulating her, that's the one truthful thing she says. It's a rare Pet the Dog moment for an otherwise sadistic villain.
    • Unfortunately, this is downplayed as Morgana uses Melody's ignorance to her heritage to her advantage..



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