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Had Melody not run away at that exact time, her relationship with her mother would have been ruined beyond repair.
When she found out about her heritage, she was angry enought to give Morgana the trident, despite her mother's clear desperation and warnings. The only reason they were so easily reconciled was because they were facing mortal danger, and in the face of possibly losing your family to death, all previous squabbles seem trivial. However, had she not run away...
  • Seems unlikely, as Ariel said right afterwards that she was going to tell Melody everything the next time they spoke, which would included the reason for the ban on swimming. Also, Melody didn't know that the trident had any powers beyond being able to make her a mermaid permanently, and only gave it to Morgana for that reason.
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  • Also, by the time the two meet up again, Melody had already been manipulated by Morgana into hating her mother even more, and has found out that she's a mermaid as well.

Only those with mermaid blood can understand sea animals.
It would explain why the kingdom's children laugh at Melody when she talks to Sebastian.

Only men are allowed to rule in Prince Eric's kingdom.
The other children openly laugh at a princess. At best, that's no way to court royal favor. At worst, they could find themselves in a very bad place after Melody becomes queen. Unless she can never become queen. Unless she must marry and then lose any influence she has to her husband...
  • Assuming any hypothetical husband checks out in the character department, which, considering who Melody's parents are, is sure to be the case, Melody's husband is probably not going to be too fond of anyone that has previously mocked, humiliated, or insulted his wife and not apologized or is dumb enough to do any of the previous while Melody is queen. I'm also pretty sure those kids are going to be getting the lecture of their lives when they get home. Their parents would probably have found themselves doing some serious damage control the next day had Melody not run away.
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  • Or even more damage control if she hadn't come back...

The merboy and young man that Melody meets at her party are one and the same.
Think about it, both have blond hair, are about the same age, and may have feelings for Melody. The merboy may have seen Melody out swimming but was unable to see her face, but when he saw she had feet, he knew she was a human and had to meet her, what better place to do it than at a ball? He made a deal with some sort of magic practitioner who turned him into a human (temporarily, provided he payed the magic person with his memory of meeting her, and judging by what happened I'm sure he was happy to lose those memories hence why he didn't remember seeing Melody.) "What about his British accent" you ask, he obviously faked it. How did he know so much about human stuff, like dancing? The same way Ariel knew about it. And I know, I know "But merboy has green eyes while dance partner has blue eyes" perhaps another part of the magic persons spell.
  • Jossed by Word of God: Although some fans have theorized that he may be the young man that Melody met at her birthday party due to their similarities in appearance, Alex has green eyes while the young man has blue, Alex has different hair with dark and light streaks in it, a tanner complexion, and speaks with an American accent while the young man speaks with a British accent. Despite sharing the same voice actor (Justin Schulte), there is no connection between the two.

Alternatively, the merboy is a son or some other relative of Urchin from the TV series.
I can't be the only one who thinks those two looked alike.
  • Word of God has teased that Alex (The merboy) may just be the son of Urchin and Gabriella (The cute mute Latina mermaid from the TV series).


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