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Funny / The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

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“I’m too old for this!”
  • Eric, after calling down the girls shows his rarely used talent at Deadpan Snarking.
    Ariel: Just give us two minutes.
    Eric: Right, two minutes... (mumbles to himself after closing the door) Now, where have I heard that line before?
  • Sebastian's reaction to Triton saying that he will watch over Melody.
  • "And these WHOPPERS popped out!"
  • The reprisal of the chase between Chef Louis and Sebastian when Louis instantly recognizes Sebastian and says, "YOU!"
  • In true Disney Villain tradition, Morgana gets some of the best lines in the film.
    Morgana: (at Melody's christening) Ursula would love to have come, but something came up. Now what was it? Oh yes! You all SHISH KABOBBED HER!
  • Tip and Dash's arguing over if Melody can stay with them or not. And Tip keeps using the same "You can't fly either!" excuse twice.
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  • "Another plan, perfectly executed."
  • At the beginning where Scuttle is looking at the window; with preparations for Melody's 12th birthday party.
    Scuttle: Whoo-wee! This is gonna be some kinda shindig! Yes, sir, a real swanky... soirée as they say! There's just one thing missin'... THE GUEST OF HONOR!
  • Sebastian tries to give Melody a lecture about swimming - but she interrupts him by reciting the exact lecture he was going to say, implying he's said it several times. She also does a near-perfect imitation of his voice. Sebastian deadpans "stop that."
  • When Melody meets the merboy, she's so tongue tied she can't say her name properly. So the boy introduces her to his friends as "Mel-Mel". And since he doesn't see her again until the end of the film, one wonders how long before she was able to correct him.
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  • Morgana keeps trying and failing to return Undertow to his normal gigantic size. Followed by a hilarious argument.
    Morgana: Ooh-Ooh-Hoo-Hoo, Trust me. This time I'm sure I've got it right.
    Undertow: Yeah, that's what you said last time, and I was sore for a week!
    Morgana: Oh, stop your carping and stand still.
    Undertow: Oh, this is gonna hurt!
    [Morgana casts the spell and a green lightning bolt hits Undertow. He starts getting bigger]
    Morgana: Yes. Yes. YES!
    Undertow: Uh-oh. [The spell backfires, making Undertow small again] Uh.
    Morgana: Huh. [She throws another bottle into the cauldron and Undertow is turned into an unidentifiable gray fish].
    Undertow: Uh. [Morgana gets frustrated and and throws in more bottles, turning Undertow into something weird each time until he's back to being small] Aw!
    [Cloak and Dagger laugh and snicker at Undertow]
    Morgana: Oh, it's just no use! The power of the Trident is just too strong for me to overcome!
    Undertow: (under his breath) I bet Ursula could've done it.
    Morgana: (anger steadily rising) What was that you said?!
    Undertow: Nothin'! I'm just sayin'— (Morgana tosses a vial at Undertow, barely missing him)
    Morgana: STOP CRITICIZING ME! That's all my mother ever did was criticize me! It was always "Ursula" this or "Ursula" that! Or "Morgana, why can't you be more like your sister, URSULA?!" [throws a starfish at a picture of Ursula]
    Undertow: Well, it ain't Ursula's fault I got miniaturized! It's yours!
    Morgana: Is not!
    Undertow: Your fault we had to hide out here for 12 FROST-BITTEN YEARS!
    Morgana: Is not!
    Morgana: [swims up face-to-face with Undertow, wearing a Death Glare] You're really pushing it, Small Fry.
  • A hysterical Sebastian sobbing his eyes out on the hem of Ariel's dress and blowing his nose on it when he reports Melody ran away.
    Sebastian: All right, Sebastian, you must remain calm. This is not your fault. All you have to do is go in there and calmly explain... that Melody has run away. No reason to lose your head. Whatever you do, you absitively positutely...must not panic.
    Ariel: Melody!
    Ariel: Sebastian? What-what are you doing here?
    Sebastian: (sobbing hysterically) It's all my fault! I tried to stop her!! I DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!!! (wails)
    Ariel: Gone? Gone where?!
    Sebastian: Out...out... to the sea. (blows his nose on Ariel's dress)
    Ariel: What do you mean? Where could she be going?
  • Tip's growing frustration when Melody hesitates to steal the Trident.
    Tip: Oh sure, that's it. Take your time. Kick back, relax. Let's all just, LINGER HERE AND DIE!
  • At the climax where Morgana is using the trident on everyone to force them to bow down before her. Well...except Eric who's unconscious from Ariel saving him from drowning (again). Seeing Ariel being forced to bow with Eric laying unconscious right next to her makes the climax a bit of a Mood Whiplash. Now that is funny.
    • Melody jabbing Morgana's tentacle with the trident and Morgana holds her tentacle in pain.
  • Scuttle's 'attempt' to stop Morgana in the climax? Pulling her hair with his talons.
    Morgana whacks him in the face with the trident.
    Scuttle: Very bad.

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