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Awesome / The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

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  • What does Ariel do when Morgan takes her daughter, and tries to use her to get the Trident? She uses Eric's sword to cut one of the sails, so that it would knock Morgana away from Melody.
    • And Eric doesn't just sit back either. He grabs a rope to go catch the infant Melody and does so with style.
  • Tip and Dash saving Melody from nearly drowning to death. What makes it even more awesome is that they took down the Giant!Undertow, even after seeing him. These two may have started as cowards, but they ended up being true heroes.
    • Tip and Dash taking on Undertow and saving Melody from drowning is also awesome.
  • Morgana raising her ice throne.
  • It may not be as a big or showy as the others, but Flounder standing up to Morgana deserves mention. Think about it for a second: He's a tiny fish with no magical power and she's a powerful, octopus like witch creature who could kill Flounder if she saw fit. But, that doesn't stop him from (almost, if Undertow wouldn't have interrupted) giving her a piece of his mind.
  • In the climax, Melody taking on Morgana. A twelve-year-old girl with no magical powers, taking on a powerful, sorceress who has the ability to overpower and kill her. Melody didn't defeat the sea hag, but this girl has more guts than someone twice her age.
    • Heck, the way she jumps and clambers all the way up a quickly rising ice throne is pretty cool, even before she gets the trident back.
  • Sebastian of all characters scaring away Undertow when he's still stuck in his piranha form.
  • Say whatever you want about the sequel, the way the merfolk guards rise from the sea and lock swords with each another to signal Triton's entrance is quite epic.
  • Ariel saves Eric for the third time from Morgana's sting rays. Bonus points for Sebastian helping.
  • Ariel asks Scuttle to go get help. He returns with what can only be described as an army.
  • Eric, with only a sword, demands that Morgana, who now has the trident, to tell him what she's done to Melody. This guy's got guts.
  • Melody manages to steal back the trident from Morgana and while at the Sea Witches mercy, she jabs Morgana in the tentacle with the trident, before tossing to Triton so he can finish the job.
    Melody: Grandfather... I think this belongs to you! (tosses the trident)
    Morgana: NOOOO!!!
    (in slow motion, the trident sails into the air before finally landing in Triton's hand)
    Triton: (catches the trident and thunder and lightning breaks the air as he glares with fury) Never again will you or yours threaten my family! There will be no escape for you... ever! (freezes Morgana into a block of ice, which slowly sinks to the bottom of the sea cave)
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  • When Triton gives Melody the choice to choose either between staying on the land with her parents or living in Atlantica with him, Melody states she has a better idea: Use the trident to dissolve the wall so the people of the land and sea can be together and presumably spends her time switching from human to mermaid and back from then on.


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