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DJ wasn't fired just because he crashed the Batmobile into the WB water tower...
It was because the aforementioned destruction of the tower let out the Warner Brothers and Sister again after the studio had spent so much effort trying to re-capture them (99 episodes) the last time they got out. Because DJ caused their release while trying to catch Daffy, he became a convenient scapegoat for once again allowing them free reign to cause their usual havoc around the lot.
  • Ralph the Guard: (chasing after the Warners) Thanks a lot, Drake!
  • Jossed. Yakko, Wakko and Dot never even get their cameo appearances despite that happening. However, it is possible that they managed to escape again, only offscreen.

Mr.Chairman is a descendant of Marvin K. Acme
When Acme was murdered, ownership of his Gag company was passed on to his next of kin, and was eventually inherited by Mr. Chairman. However, unlike Acme, who was on good terms with toons and eagerly supplied them with his company's products, Chairman was only interested in the money and only wanted to churn out more products to make himself rich, hence his obsession with the Blue Monkey Diamond.

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