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Heartwarming / Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

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TV series

  • In "To the Rescue Part 3", we learn that Geegaw wanted Monty to have the Screaming Eagle plane. Whatever happened in Zanzibar, clearly Geegaw didn't hold a grudge against Monty.
    • Gadget first meeting Monty in that same episode. She is genuinely happy to see him, since it is implied that the last time they saw each other was when Gadget was little.
    • Gadget falls into a Heroic BSoD after wrecking the Screaming Eagle, lamenting the Rangers didn't need her because she's not a pilot, they needed her father. After Monty's failed attempt to cheer her up, Chip turns right around and demonstrates just why he's the leader:
      Gadget: Can't you see? No matter what I do, I'll never be as good as my father was. You need Geegaw Hackwrench, not Gadget.
      Monterey: Aw, gee, Gadget. Buck up. It's not the end of the world, just... uh... the end of the plane?
      Gadget: Dad never would have crashed it.
      Chip: But that's the point, Gadget. Your father was a flyer. You're an inventor. And that's what we need now: an inventor.
      Gadget: You do? Golly, you're right! Why, I'll have this plane shipshape in no time. Well, actually, it should be planeshape, shouldn't it?
      Monty: Thattagirl!
      Gadget: Thank you, everybody!
      [The five of them share a Group Hug.]
  • In "To the Rescue Part 4", Chip and Dale tell Gadget to take them back home. Monty sadly replies: "At least someone has a home to go back to," and then Gadget gently pats his paw.
  • "Parental Discretion Retired" has Cheddarhead Charlie and Monty doing an adorable and funny handshake, which always ends into a hug.
  • Near the end of "The Pied Piper Power Play", Nimnul's lair is about to explode and Dale, Monty and Gadget, along with a lot of other mice, are locked in cages. Even though Chip and Zipper could save themselves, they choose not to and decide to go down with the others. Fortunately, Monty's lucky toothpick helps pick the lock of the chains holding the captives, but still, Chip and Zipper choosing to die along with their friends is really noble.
  • In "Adventures In Squirrelsitting", Tammy wants to prove to Chip that she's as special as Gadget. Gadget tells Tammy that she's special already and that the way to get someone to like you is to Be Yourself.
    • Dale and Monty taking very good care of Bink, who is more than fond of their company.
    • Chip rescuing Tammy and asking if she is alright. Tammy ends up hugging Chip and he blushes.
  • "Seer No Evil" has several heartwarming moments.
    • Zipper hugging Chip after he chooses to risk his life and defy Cassandra's prophecy to save his friends when he runs under the elephant he thinks is going to crush him.
    • Dale's absolutely adorable reaction to finding out that Chip is still alive in the same episode. He basically pounces on Chip and hugs him with his little tail wagging like crazy.
    • Crosses with Tear Jerker; Monterey comforting crying Gadget is really heartwarming, considering that Monty is the father figure of the Rangers.
  • Spunky, the courteous and affectionate kitten in "Catteries not Included" who eventually wins Monty's grudging approval.
  • In "A Chorus Time", Monty asks Zipper to go get help for him, but Zipper doesn't want to leave him alone on the iceberg.
    Monty: No sense of both of us blown away. Save yourself, old pally.
    Zipper: Nuh-uh.
    Monty: But you have to. You're my only hope. Somebody has to bring back some help. [Zipper shakes his head, but he then hugs Monty and leaves.]
  • In the episode "Zipper Come Home", Zipper runs away because Monterey hurt his feelings. But what Monty does when he finds out? He of course spends the entire episode looking out for Zipper and is even willing to get himself sacrificed to the Ribbit so that Zipper can be free. But being a loyal fly, he comes back to rescue Monterey.
    • At the beginning of the episode, when Monty gets mad at Zipper, Chip, Dale and Gadget all rush to his defense, saying that everything was their fault and he shouldn't be blaming Zipper. Granted, Monty doesn't listen, but it's the thought that counts.
  • In "Robocat", Gadget's insistence on helping the titular character, Tom, even though he tried to eat them because every cat deserves a home to her.
    • Tom's one wish is to have fur so he could be like a real cat. At the end of the episode, what is his new fur? His new owner's dad's wigs. Even better, the dad himself gave them to Tom, saying that he would rather see his son happy then have hair. Keep in mind that he had earlier shown distain for Tom and cared little for his son's desire for a pet.
  • At the end of "Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?", Sparky confesses to the Rangers that he wasn't sure why they came back for him. In response, Chip says that he and Dale were wrong with the way they treated him and that if Gadget likes him more, good for her. This is then followed by Gadget saying that no one could ever replace Chip and Dale to her.
  • "Chipwrecked Shipmunks": Monterey Jack and Dale having a genuinely good time together.
  • "Song of the Night ‘n Dale": Dale being so relieved that Monty wasn't hurt by the mechanical swordsman and proceeds to hug him tightly.
  • "Mind Your Cheese and Q’s" Gadget happily landing from the tree and thus showing she is alright from her kite crash; Monty is so overjoyed that he gives her a big hug.
  • "A Lean on the Property": Camembert Kate and Monty making up their differences. She is proud of her son after all.
    Monty: My friends look up to me and treat me with respect.
    Kate: I've noticed that too, son. So rescue me already, I know you can do it.
    Monty: You bet, mom.
  • Gadget freeing Rat Capone's slaves in "The S.S. Drainpipe".

Boom! Studios comic

  • Gadget reminding Monterey in 1st issue that he is important to the team.
    Gadget: You're as valuable to us as you're were to my dad. You're a Rescue Ranger, we depend on each other to make the world a better place and never has that been more important than now!
  • In issue 4, after the Rangers have saved Monty's parents, Charlie reveals that he got the final key piece and exclaims that whatever happens it should stay in the whole family. It is really sweet that Charlie considers Chip, Dale, Gadget and Zipper as his family.
  • Foxglove getting Dale's head back in the game in issue 7, after Dale's confidence has been completely shattered by the events of the series to that point.
  • Issue 8:
    • The Rangers had such an impression on Tammy she decided to devote her life to helping others, too, by becoming a nurse. And she repays the favor by tending to Chip after he's been poisoned.
    • Chip can barely stand, but is still determined to help his friends, distracting the Danger Rangers long enough for Foxglove to spring the others from a Death Trap.
    • Rather than seeing Glitch punished for her actions, Gadget instead tries to get through to her by offering to give her the help and guidance that Gadget received as a child, but Glitch never did. Because of the series' abrupt cancellation it ended with a Redemption Rejection, but Chip nonetheless commends Gadget for trying to reach her.