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TV series

  • Several times when the team has the villians begging for the police to arrest them, after putting them through a humiliating defeat, be it tying them up with spaghetti, or roping the villians to a dynamite-powered ranger wing.
  • Anytime the team tries to speak directly to humans; all the humans hear is a cacophony of high pitched squeaking.
  • Anytime Chip and Dale argue so much that their tempers cause their voices to speed up even more until they devolve into the kind of hyper-fast, neigh-incomprehensible chipmunk noises from their original cartoons (which is obviously achieved by having the actors speak at a normal speed, as opposed to half-speed so they still sound articulate when sped up).
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  • In "To The Rescue Part 1" when Plato was chasing Fat Cat around the police station:
    Chief Spinelli: (To the S.W.A.T team) Get those animals!
    S.W.A.T Team: Yes, Sir! (Aim their rifles at the animals)
    Chief Spinelli: (Frantically) Alive!
    S.W.A.T Team: (Disappointed Ahh)
  • In "To The Rescue Part 2" when Monterey Jack smells the cheese that is behind numerous traps, Zipper quickly peeks under Monty's eyelids while having appropriate expression.
  • "Good Times, Bat Times" turns half the cast into Deadpan Snarkers. Monty has always been one, Winifred probably, too, but Dale takes the cake.
    Foxglove: So when it's your turn to cook?
    Dale: I just eat. They won't let me cook. They're afraid I'll break too many dishes.
  • The drag act in "Adventures in Squirrelsitting". And even before that, Chip and Dale's reactions with the disguises are quite fun. Chip is annoyed and embarrassed while Dale is enjoying it.
    Chip: (facepalms) We are doomed!
    • The two squirrels Tammy and Bink flip the switch to stop the conveyor belt from dropping the Rescue Rangers. Then baby Bink jumps with joy, accidentally pressing the Big Red Button she was standing on, which turned back on the conveyor belt. The two try to flip the switch again, but then...
    Fat Cat: (grabs them) That will be quite enough. (the Rangers fall in)
    Fat Cat: Now look what you did! You made me miss the best part!
    • When Zipper comes out of the machine...
    Fat Cat: Ach, it's that disgusting little fly! Get him!
    (mooks try and fail to hit Zipper, knocking each other out)
    Fat Cat: (stepping in) As always, when you want something done right, do it yourself! (Zipper punches him in the face) D'ow! You little beast!
    (drops Maltese Mouse into the machine)
    Fat Cat: MY MOUSE! (turns to henchman and picks him up by his shoulders) STOP THE MACHINE! STOP THE MACHINE!
    • Fat Cat freaking out over losing his "precious" Maltese Mouse.
  • In "Fake Me To Your Leader", when they noticed Zipper is larger:
    Dale: Maybe he's not growin'. M-maybe we're shrinking!
    [Chip bonks Dale.]
    Chip: Don't be silly! The only thing about you that's shrinking is your brain.
  • In "A Fly in the Ointment", when everyone's heads and bodies get swapped (Chip and Monty get swapped, and Dale and Gadget get swapped). Monty complains about being small and scrawny while Chip complains about being too big, then declares Monty is going on a diet once it all blows over. Gadget feels embarrassed about not having any pants on and wears a paper cup as a makeshift skirt. She also sternly warns Dale to "keep the hands off the body" although his head is on it at the moment.
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  • In "Out of Scale", Professor Nimnul is kidnapped and his growth ray is used to shrink stuff and use them as toys for the daughter of the episode's villain. At the end of the episode, he complains about not getting due credit for the destruction his invention caused but, upon being arrested, Nimnul says "I had nothing to do with this".
  • A few in "Dirty Rotten Diapers", where Gadget tries to implore the others to use nonviolent means to solve problems, which annoys them.
    • When the villain locks them all in a dishwashing machine.
      Gadget: Patience patience, everyone! The baby's probably going through his "terrible twos".
      Monty: I vote we keep the brat from ever reaching three! (is hit in the face with soap suds)
      (They're finally let out of the dishwasher)
      Gadget: See? That wasn't so bad, guys. We got cleaned, dried, and look, no water spots.
      Monty: Gadget... love... I think you've kindly... gently... FLIPPED YOUR LID! I quit this case!
    • When the villain is revealed to be the baby who is actually a small man, and after a humiliating defeat, Gadget hits her Rage Breaking Point and decides to hell with nonviolent measures. Now she wants to plain beat the crap out of the villain and humiliate him in the worst way possible.
      Chip: Dale, Zipper, you go and get some strong twine!
      Dale: To tie down the baby?
      Chip: No, to tie down Gadget. I think she's blown a gasket...
      (cut to a steaming mad Gadget)
  • "Rest Home Rangers" is a complete laugh fest. The best parts would be the exchanges between the aged cops and Professor Nimnul shouting that he needs prunes (for his aging ray) and a grocer replying with "Poor guy".
  • "Catteries Not Included" had the scene of Dale pranking Chip with static electricity.
    • Also Dale's and Monty's fake cat costume;
    Monty: Meeoow. I've had nightmares being inside cats, but they were nothing like this.
    • When Prof. Nimnul hurt his foot after kicking the damaged robot dog for not bringing any cats (because the Rangers are using the dog to sneak in), the other two robot dogs were snickering at it, and you just can't resist laughing along with them!
  • In "Piratsy Under The Sea", Monty poses as Captain "Long Lost" Lefitte in order to get the Pi-Rats to let Chip and Dale go. Sense they are naturally suspicious, the Pi-Rats call upon the Captain's cabin boy, "Young" Ned to make the final call. "Young" Ned is an old rat who's probably twice Monty's age.
    Ned: Well, the captain always had a squint in one eye. (Monty shuts one eye) And he was a short man. (Monty squats to appear shorter) And he only had one leg. (Monty hops on one leg) His left one. (Monty hops on the other leg) Captain Lefitte, you've come back!
    • Another funny thing is that the Pi-Rats never seems to notice that Monty constantly switches legs, only Cheese Attack blows his cover.
  • In "They Shoot Dogs, Don’t They?" Canina never gets Monty's name right, she even once calls him Mickey.
    Monty: For the last time, my name is Monterey Jack!
  • In "Robocat", Fat Cat's goons take the directions to a recipe a little too literally. Mole can be seen reading from a recipe book, extending his arms sideways with an egg in each hand.
    Mole: I don't get it. It says "Separate two eggs". But it doesn't say how far apart to separate 'em!
    Fat Cat: Let me see that, you pinheads! (pushes Mole aside and picks up the cookbook) Take one cup flour. Two cups of milk. One pinch salt... Don't tell me you pinched the salt!
    Mole: Of course not! Mepps pinched it.
  • "Shell Shocked" has several gems:
    • First, this exchange between Dale and a hermit crab with a tuna tin as a shell:
      Dale: What happened to you? Aren't hermit crabs supposed to have a shell or something?
      Crab: We all had shells, earmuff. But when we woke up this morning, they all had disappeared. Vanished. Departed.
      Dale: *gasp* You mean they were gone?!
      Crab: Yes, good thing you're not any sharper, son. You'd cut yourself.
    • Later on, Gadget loses her train of thought after the crabs ask for their help finding their shells:
      Gadget: I'm sure that if we can find their missing shells they'd be much less crabby. I mean, still crabs, but not so crab-like. Well, wait! Still crab-like, since they are crabs, after all...
      Monty: Gadget luv, drop it.
      Gadget drops the beach blanket she's been folding up.
    • Later, when Fat Cat is trying to drown them in a boot tossed into the ocean:
      Gadget: *speaking to Dale* At times like this, I usually don't resort to shrill, emotional outbursts, but in this case: *shouting and shaking Dale* YOU'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!
    • And a Brick Joke at the end after the crabs get their shells back.
      Gadget:See, I told you they'd be less crabby once they got their homes back. Back on their backs, I mean. I mean, they're still crabs and everything. What I'm trying to say is...
      Monty: Gadget luv, that's getting on my nerves.
  • "The S.S. Drainpipe.":
    • Gadget and Dale (in the same drag outfit from "Adventures in Squirrelsitting") arguing over who gets to be Rat Capone's moll in "The S.S. Drainpipe." For someone who is often Obliviously Beautiful, Gadget is actually bewildered that Capone may find Dale in drag more attractive than her.
    • Dale psyches himself up to lead the team, and is not exactly inspiring:
      Dale: Hey, Guys! I can lead you; I just need to follow in the footsteps of a true hero!
      Gadget: Chip?
      Dale: No! The Red Badger!
      Monty: I'd rather follow a hero sandwich.
    • And when Dale has yet another "Red Badger of Courage" inspired idea:
      Gadget: Promise me when this is over you'll get help.
  • "A Creep From the Deep", when Monty finally loses his temper when his tail is pulled by an octopus.
    Monty: *yelps in pain* My tail! Let me down!
    Gadget: Careful Monty, don't do anything rash.
    Monty: Me tail's been slammed, singed, kinked, and crushed! Now it's payback time! Yahah!
    • The funny thing is the sinister way how Monty talks in the scene.

  • "A Lean on the Property"; when Monterey eagerly tries his plan to stop the moles digging, but he ends up doing more damage than the moles did in the first place.
    Kate: Any more bright ideas, Cheezar?
    Monty: *peeks from the ground* No mom.

Boom! Studios comic

  • In one issue, Chip and Dale try to infiltrate the house of porcupine ninjas.
  • In second issue, where everybody calls out Dale for his sillyness, Zipper's speech bubble only has Dale's face on it.

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