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Heartwarming / A Christmas Carol (2009)

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God Bless Us, Everyone!
  • Scrooge arrives at the home of his nephew, Fred (the son of Scrooge's deceased sister), post-reform and humbly requests if can join the party for dinner...if he's still welcome that is. Fred, his wife and their guests are obviously rather surprised that Scrooge came at all (especially since he came right in the middle of their game of twenty questions where they were making fun of him, which Scrooge did overhear), stare in stunned silence for a few seconds before all rejoicing at once and welcoming him with open arms.
    • During dinner he can be heard insisting on hosting dinner next year at his house and that he'll spare no expense.
  • A reformed Scrooge stalks by the Carolers on Christmas Morning, still putting forth his grumpy and hostile demeanor, to suddenly, cheerfully break into song with them, before giving them an extremely generous donation before heading on merrily.
  • Scrooge approaching the charity worker on Christmas Day to offer a generous donation, and also asking forgiveness for his behavior the previous night.
  • Bob Cratchit narrates the ending directly to the camera, saying how Scrooge became "as good a man as the good old city ever knew". Considering that he had seen Scrooge at his worst, it means a lot coming from him.
  • Perhaps most heartwarming at all, a smiling Scrooge is seen carrying Tiny Tim on his shoulder in the end, implying that he's not only been forgiven by the Cratchits, but has become a friend to them.

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