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Heartwarming / Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

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  • The Anastasia subplot, where she finally finds the true love she's been searching for... in the arms of a baker boy, and after a heartfelt talk with Cinderella she gathers the courage needed to tell Lady Tremaine where to stick it.
  • When Pom-Pom indicates to Lucifer that she wants to hunt the mice (who gave him a makeover to help him win her over), Lucifer is actually conflicted for several seconds, and ultimately agrees. Guess there is something good about him, even if it's miniscule.
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  • Prince Charming reassuring Cinderella that he'll be right by her side to help her with the Royal Banquet. Sure, it gets cut short by the King dragging him off on another royal assignment, but it's still really sweet to see Charming be so attentive and supportive of his wife.

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