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YMMV / Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Baker from An Uncommon Romance, due to being a sweet guy who brought out the best in Anastasia. He even gets a small cameo in the next film.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: The third film itself, while not outright removing this film from canon, and even having a few references to it, seems to act more as a sequel to the very first film than anything, making this one easier to ignore.
  • Misblamed: It should be noted Dreams Come True was not produced with the intent of being an actual film and was in fact a Failed Pilot Episode Disney later tried to market as a proper sequel. It could be easier to appreciate it as a humble string of made-for-TV stories if someone in Disney marketing hadn't decided to paste a 2 on it.
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  • Sequelitis: This movie is considered a strong contender for being one of the worst, if not the absolute worst, of the Disney direct-to-video sequels, for the jarring drop in animation and overall unoriginality, and had a huge hand in crystallizing the already notorious reputation of the sequels. The third film on the other hand....
  • Sophomore Slump: Cinderella II: Dreams Come True went so far as to become one of Disney's least-liked sequels ever. It doesn't even have much screentime in this trailer for a Blu-Ray pack of Cinderella's sequels. The next film even implicitly retcons it out of existence, though a few characters from it do show up.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The montage in Cinderella II: Dreams Come True in which Cinderella defies such rules as keeping the windows shut and serving prunes for the banquet's dessert, while teen singer Brooke Allison sings about you should always follow your heart.
  • Tearjerker: At the end of An Uncommon Romance, when Lady Tremaine disowns Anastasia and leaves her after finding out that she loves a Baker. Drizella just watches, almost touched at the whole affair, until Lady Tremaine snaps at her and demands that she leave. Drizella gives one last sad look at her sister, before quietly acquiescing to her mother's demands and leaving her.
    • Anastasia goes to meet the Baker, only to see him seemingly give a heart shaped garland to another woman (in reality, she was only a friend who he was talking to about giving it to Anastasia). Anastasia bursts into tears and runs away, dropping her own garland she was going to give to him.

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