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Funny / A Christmas Carol (2009)

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Mrs. Dilber! You're Fired! FIRED!
  • The discussion between Scrooge and the ghost of Jacob Marley has a darkly humorous moment. Jacob, in his own fury, gets his jaw dislocated. He attempts to talk by moving his jaw with his hands before using a bandage to try fixing it... only to talk with his whole mouth covered.
  • When Marley tells Scrooge that he will be haunted by three spirits.
    Scrooge: [meekly] ... I'd rather not.
  • When Scrooge feels guilty over how he's left Bob Cratchit in such bad straits and tries to ignore the tirade Cratchit's wife throws his way, the Ghost of Christmas Present bops him on the head with his Cornucopia.
  • Scrooge, who is an inch tall at one point and with a voice like a chipmunk, flees from a black horse and carriage driven by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, for no other apparent reason than to just scare the living daylights out of him.
    • He even gets a fed-up 'Oh, come now' when he thought he had dodged the spirit but didn't.
  • When Scrooge sees his maid Mrs. Dilber sell his belongings after he dies, he tries to fire her in his chipmunk voice. Being only a witness to this by the spirit, she cannot hear or see him anyway.
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  • Mrs. Dilber's reaction when Scrooge greets her on Christmas morning is just priceless. She even screams, "HE'S GONE MAD!" while running away.
    Scrooge: (Beat) ...Hm, I like her.
  • Bob Cratchit's reaction when Scrooge cheerfully greets him and gives him the raise. He looks like he's about to faint from sheer disbelief.
  • The way Scrooge tells Bob that the two of them will be partners. Scrooge makes it sound like he's about to fire him, but he quickly interjects that he will raise his salary.
  • While Ignorance and Want are mostly just terrifying, this portrayal also has Ignorance yelling insults at Scrooge, some of which are actually pretty funny.
    Ignorance: YA DAFT OLD GEEZER!
  • The licensed DS game has hilarious justifications for the player's involvement and generally funny scenarios.
    • After Scrooge leaves his office, the player is tasked with making his walk home as miserable as possible.
    • When Marley's ghost appears, Scrooge dismisses him and goes to sleep, leaving Marley at a loss until the player wakes Scrooge up.
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    • When the Ghost of Christmas Present appears, Scrooge locks the door and barricades himself in his room, so the player has to repeatedly scare him to get the key.