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Headscratchers / Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

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  • "Risky Beesness". Apparently, Queenie, an insect, and the (mammalian) Rescue Rangers understand each other perfectly, yet Zipper, ALSO an insect, can be only understood by Monterey Jack. WTF?
  • This is likely due to the pilot movie being Edited for Syndication, but can anyone explain where and how Chip gets his hat? The version that airs on TV, and on DVD, Chip's hat just randomly appears on his head with no explanation.
    • A comic version of the pilot shows that a regular fedora ended up getting shrunk in the wash, where Chip found it right before it randomly shows up in the TV version.
  • Why Gadget didn't just roll of from conveyor belt in episode "Mind Your Cheese and Q’s"? She isn't tied on it, since Monterey easily lifts her off from it.

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