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Headscratchers / Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

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  • "Risky Beesness". Apparently, Queenie, an insect, and the (mammalian) Rescue Rangers understand each other perfectly, yet Zipper, ALSO an insect, can be only understood by Monterey Jack. WTF?
    • Zipper possibly has a Speech Impediment, similar to Donald Duck in DuckTales (1987). It's also possible that flies in this universe always have high-pitched voices (just like chipmunks).
    • As I recall, Chip, Dale, and Gadget can understand him just fine, Zipper just interacts with Monty more often than not.
  • From that same episode, most of the other villains at least have actual reasons to commit crimes. But if Irweena wanted to become a heavy metal musician, why didn't she just become one? What was the need for her to mind control a swarm of bees?
    • Because she's a bad musician. Maybe whe was hoping the bees would work as a gimmick to make up for it, or otherwise cover up her own lack of talent.
  • This is likely due to the pilot movie being Edited for Syndication, but can anyone explain where and how Chip gets his hat? The version that airs on TV, and on DVD, Chip's hat just randomly appears on his head with no explanation.
    • A comic version of the pilot shows that a regular fedora ended up getting shrunk in the wash, where Chip found it right before it randomly shows up in the TV version.
  • Why Gadget didn't just roll of from conveyor belt in episode "Mind Your Cheese and Q’s"? She isn't tied on it, since Monterey easily lifts her off from it.
  • It's been years since I've seen the episode, but just how exactly did Lahwhinie manage to fool Monterey? Everyone was picking up that things weren't quite right, however Chip and Dale she was able to deal with using a bit of Distracted by the Sexy. That approach wouldn't have worked on him even if she tried it (and given their relationship probably would have just been an even bigger warning). So even if the boys were preoccupied, Monty ought to have seen right through it.
    • He was being suspicious about her, but one possible explonation is that maybe in offscreen Monty told Chip and Dale that something was off with her but they were like "oh you're just exaggerating Monterey, nothing is wrong with her".
  • Why was the "Dale tries to hypnotize Monty" scene from "The Pied Piper Power Play" cut? It's not like it is super offensive or anything.
  • Why is it called "Coo-Coo Cola" when it seems to be a brand of fruit flavored soda instead of cola?
  • Regarding "To the Rescue": since Klordane is initially presumed to have drowned a year ago and Fat Cat, his pet, has been around for long enough that Dale recognizes his casino, who was in charge of the casino during FC's absence? Even assuming that Klordane returned to the city much earlier than assumed and managed to stay low, it's unlikely Fat Cat would be able to be around every week to look over the casino.
    • Fat Cat is clearly not an indoors cat. It's not that unusual for a cat who's allowed to go outside to take off and stay out for a while. If Klordane was laying low somewhere in the city, Fat Cat would have had lots of opportunities to go out and put in plenty of appearances at the casino.