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Tear Jerker / Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

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TV series

  • In "To the Rescue Part 4"' the gang breaks up briefly because Monterey's cheese attack gets them into trouble.
    Monty: I don't listen to anyone! I'm footloose and fancy free! Come and go as you please, that's my motto. So what do I need you flapdoodles for?
    Chip: A home? A family?
    Monty: I— I— I don't need anybody! (jumps off the Ranger Plane and Zipper follows him.)
  • Dale's hurt and tearful expression when Chip scolds him unfairly in "Le Purrfect Crime". It's no wonder the poor guy became Ramdale in that episode.
    Chip: Why you don't do something you can't mess up?! Like sightseeing?!
    Dale: *cries and leaves the team behind*
    Chip: Maybe he learns his lesson if we solve this case without him!
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  • In "Good Times, Bat Times", Winifred's verbal abuse and cruelty towards Foxglove is pretty sad. Foxglove even explains to Dale that Winifred was her only friend before she met the Rescue Rangers, but this does not stop Winifred from showering Foxglove with insults.
  • "Seer No Evil" has a couple of sad scenes since it's about Cassandra, a gypsy moth Fortune Teller, predicting Chip's death.
    • When Cassandra first predicts Chip's doom, Monterey says in a sad tone: "No Cassie, not me little pallie Chip.". They had their disagreements, but Monterey does care about Chip.
      Monty: Please Cassie, say it ain't so.
      Cassandra: By dawn, your friend will be *bleert*. (Monterey sheds few tears.)
    • Later, we see the other Rangers' tearful reactions as they gather around Chip's hat which Zipper has just pulled out from under the treasure chest which has apparently fallen on Chip:
      Monty: She didn't mean an elephant's trunk.
      Gadget: *gasp* She meant elephant, then trunk! (She starts to cry.) Oh, Chip!
      Monty: (comforting Gadget; Dale is also in tears) He wouldn't listen. It was the predictions.
  • Gadget is very good for these:
    • From "To The Rescue":
      • Gadget and Monterey are the only two characters about whom we learn anything about their family. "To The Rescue" reveals that Gadget lost her father about a year before the story takes place, and she briefly falls into tears when she tells Monty about his passing.
      • Later from the same episode, Gadget suffers a Heroic BSoD after crashing the Screaming Eagle. She takes crashing the plane very hard, and tells the others they needed her father, not her.
    • The most famous is when she leaves the Rangers in "Case of the Cola Cult". At the time she doesn't know that at least one of her inventions was directly sabotaged, but seeing the other Rangers lose faith in her breaks her confidence, and she decides that she no longer belongs with the team, and departs in tears. You just can't see her cry.
  • Another tearjerker-rich episode is "Love is a Many Splintered Thing", in which Monty leaves the Rangers because of his romance with Desiree D'Allure, which doesn't end well.
    • In a Flashback, Monty tells the Rangers that he almost married Desiree before a cheese attack distracted him. He realises he's missed his own wedding, then sees Desiree on a taxi's roof, but she just looks away. Monty sheds a Single Tear and just walks away sadly.
    • While all the Rangers are upset when Monty leaves them, Zipper is seen crying at Monty's picture.
    • When poor Monty realizes that Desiree is a criminal who's been using him all along, he's both shocked and heartbroken.
    • When Monty in the last minute manages to save the Rangers from being sawed, his aviator cap flyes next to them and for a moment it is implied that Monty sacrificed himself.
    • When Desiree is captured at the end, Monty watches her plane fly away. Although she tricked him, he clearly still has feelings for her. However, he soon gets over it when another cheese attack breaks him out of his reverie.
  • This bit from "Double O Chipmunk":
    Gadget: Aw, Dale. You're good at lots of things.
    Dale: (about to cry) Yeah, like making people laugh when I mess things up.
  • Sparky being heartbroken and betrayed when he learns that Professor Nimnul is just as evil as the Rangers said during "Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?"
    • At the end of the episode, Sparky actually admits that he wasn't sure why Chip and Dale didn't just leave him at the bank and was convinced they hated him.
  • In the beginning of "Mind Your Cheese and Q’s" has the scene when the gang tries to save Gadget from kite; Monterey happens to get yet another cheese attack, which results the kite to get crushed into tree. Luckily Gadget didn't get hurt, but poor Monty thought that his cheese attack got her killed.
    Monty: I'm so ashamed. One whiff of cheese and I become a munster, uh, monster. If only Gadget were all right, I'd never munch a piece of cheese again, ever!
    • Chip and Dale both scold Monty harshly for his cheese cravings.
  • In "Pie In The Sky" Chip is angry because the Rangers haven't got a big case in a while and little sparrow named Midge comes to ask for help, but Chip just lashes at her, which makes Midge cry. Gadget, Zipper and Monty, feeling bad for her and shocked by Chip's coldness, are soon crying along with her.
  • "Zipper Come Home" is really tearjerker-rich episode for a number of events which happen during the episode.
    • Firstly, Monty scolding Zipper for ruining his kitchen, when it wasn't Zipper's fault in the first place. Zipper then sadly leaves the Rangers.
    • Monty looking out for Zipper and realizing that he indeed was mean to him.
    • Zipper refusing to come home with Monty. Monty then later cries for losing his friendship with Zipper.
    • Zipper is about to be sacrificed to Ribbit, when Monty quickly dresses up like a fly, so that Zipper could be saved. Zipper tries to save him, but Monty shoos him away.
      Monty: Come on, pally. It's my fault you're in this mess in the first place. If one of has to go, it should be me.
  • In "A Chorus Time", when the Cheese ship happens to sink with Monty still inside there. The Rangers and Canina manage to get out of the whirlpool that ship's sinking caused. Zipper then flies at them and tearfully tells that Monty sank with the ship. Gadget even shouts Monty's name...
    Crewman: All safe, Cap'n! Not a man lost!
    Dale: Maybe not a man... but one heck of a mouse.

Boom! Studios comic

  • In issue 4, Fat Cat uses the ARS signal to the Rangers so they can finish each other off. Monty breaks out of it, thanks to his cheese attack, but he is soon in tears when he sees the Rangers fighting.
    Monty: Mates, it tears my little heart in two to see us fighting like this. I guess I could make a speech here, saying how much we mean to each other, about what we've been through. But I know the ARS does the number on ya, so you may not hear it. Still, in case there's a part inside all of ya that's still there, still the team I love, I say STOOOPPP!


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