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No wonder they later had kittens.
  • In general, Duchess' voice is so beautiful and motherly that it can cheer anyone up. It helps that her voice actress (Eva Gabor) would later voice Miss Bianca in The Rescuers and its sequel.
  • Duchess and the kittens' friendship with Roquefort in general; how often do you legitimately see cats and a mouse being friendly with each other?
  • The ending where Thomas O'Malley becomes a father with Duchess and the kittens.
  • Thomas O'Malley,The Alleycats, and Roquefort rescuing the cats. Special mention goes to the scene where Thomas and the Alleycats start attacking Edgar while Roquefort is trying to rescue the cats from a locked chest.
  • Marie's interaction with Duchess throughout the film. Sure, she may be a bit spoiled and a "tattletale" according to Berlioz, but she has a very close relationship with her mother, especially in the "Scales And Arpeggios" scene.
  • O'Malley's selflessness. He clearly has the hots for Duchess (along with vice-versa) when they first meet, and when the kittens come out while they're flirting, he's understandably surprised, yet remains kind to them all. Many guys dating single moms usually beat it as soon as they find out about her children because they don't think of kids very highly or aren't ready to take on such a responsibility. And while O'Malley almost walks off, he quickly calls himself out and fulfills his promise to help them get home. He wins Duchess' heart and takes on the role of a surrogate father incredibly well to her kittens, who are very willing to have him as one. He's truly a street cat with a heart of gold.
    • The fact that Madame Adelaide is completely fine with taking in Thomas and even treating him like she treats her beloved pets. She obviously has no idea what Duchess and the kittens had experienced when they were missing, or who this strange tomcat was, but just the fact that Duchess and her kids have bonded with him is enough to convince Adelaide to accept him into her house. Even the fact that Thomas is an alley cat rather than a purebreed like Duchess doesn't matter to her; in fact, by the end she's started a new foundation allowing all the alley cats of Paris to have a home in her's.
  • The kittens squabble fiercely just like most siblings do, but there's a sweet moment near the beginning when Berlioz asks Duchess if he and Marie can watch Toulouse paint before starting their music lesson.
  • Thomas and Duchess sharing a moment together on the rooftop as they watch the moon. Moments later, their tails reflexively intertwined with each other's.
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  • Duchess' loyalty to Madame; she's just as worried about the old lady as she is about them. When Thomas asks her to stay with him, she doesn't even consider leaving her Madame as then she would be all alone. Duchess even insists that she and the kittens are her family and all she has.
  • During the harp sequence of "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat", the alley cats outside of the house gather around to listen to the music. Some of them look like young couples.


  • Outside the film, Marie meeting guests at the Disney Theme Parks takes Marie's sweetness Up to Eleven. Especially if you see any child, whether it's a boy or girl, hugging her and depending on what you say to her. It will make her feel touched and happy.
  • Marie and Roquefort Jr's interaction throughout the book "Disney Marie" by Kitty Richards, released in 2007. It's very sweet to watch, especially during the moment where Marie witnesses Roquefort Jr about to get eaten by a stray cat and Marie scares the kitten away so he won't get eaten. Then there's the illustrations like Marie cradling Roquefort Jr and Roquefort Jr sleeping on Marie.
  • The 2007 Book called "Disney Marie A is for Adorable A Fabulous Alphabet!" is cute to read. But if you own a CD player or a computer be sure to read along with the CD playing because the music heard throughout it is sweet and relaxing to lesson to. Especially the theme song for the book that is heard in the intro and outro to the book complete with lyrics below.
    Bonjour everyone, have you met Marie?
    She's the prettiest kitty that you'll ever see.
    Folks far and wide always smile with delight
    When they see her soft fur that's so fluffy and white.
    Marie loves to sing and Marie loves to dance.
    Her home is in Paris, a city in France.
    She loves to dress up and go shopping each day.
    Then eat a sweet treat in a sidewalk cafe.
    If you can ask "Do you know her?" the people say "Oui".
    In French, that means "yes", and it's easy to see
    Why everyone loves Marie.
    Everyone loves Marie.

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