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Heartwarming / Timon & Pumbaa

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Timon: "Truth is you're the best friend I ever had."
Pumbaa: "That goes double for me."

  • Once Upon a Timon: The entire episode, with moments such as Timon and Pumbaa's first meeting and the start of their friendship, Timon and Tatiana's relationship, and when the Duke Meerkat leaves the colony, Fred convinces Timon, who is guarding the back gate, that it is now his chance to go on his date with Tatiana.
  • Home is Where the Hog is: Pumbaa's relationship with Sharla.
  • Ivy Beleaguered: The ending of the episode
  • Scent of the South: As he thinks he can't be best friends with Timon anymore because of his smell, Pumbaa goes to a skunk expert to help him improve his scent so that he can win Timon back. Meanwhile, Timon thinks that Pumbaa's left him for the skunk because of her smell, so he tries to make himself as smelly as possible so that Pumbaa can still be his best friend. This episode shows how much Timon and Pumbaa truly care for each other and how they would do anything to win each other back. This is an example of true friendship.
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  • Timon... Alone: When Pumbaa rescues Timon from all the predators that were stalking him. This is one of those moments that show how protective Pumbaa is of his friend.
  • Never Everglades: The scene when Timon and Pumbaa say goodbye to Pumbaa Jr. and his girl.
    • Pumbaa Jr. finding himself a new girlfriend.
  • Kenya Be My Friend?: Timon offering his Mister Bug Juicer to Pumbaa.
  • South Sea Sick: When Pumbaa gets sick, Timon is happily willing to cure his best friend, as a payback for all the years Pumbaa has been treating him with kindness and respect. When Timon gets the ingredients for the cure-all, he goes as far as telling Pumbaa that curing him is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Sure he may not be a good doctor, but it's still pretty adorable how much he wants to take care of his friend.
    • After Pumbaa realizes that all he needed to do to feel better is let out a huge belch, he is about to tell that to Timon, but in order to not have his friend be emotionally crushed for not getting to cure him, he instead decides to tell Timon that he still feels awful inside.
  • The ending of "The Sky is Calling".
  • This exchange in "Tanzania Zany" when Timon tells Pumbaa that his old friend Fred is coming to visit.
    Pumbaa: You know, Timon, with you and Fred being friends and all, maybe I should leave so you two can catch up.
    Timon: Pumbaa, you're not going anywhere, you're my best friend, I'd never do anything to make you feel left out.
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  • The "Stand By Me" music video falls into this lyrically, as Timon is saying what a great friendship he has with Pumbaa and how happy they will be as long as they have each other by their sides.
  • Timon's Time Togo: In the scene where Pumbaa is about to fall to his death off a cliff, Timon (knowing that he will die after performing one good deed) has to decide between his own life and his friend's life. He eventually decides to rescue Pumbaa. This could imply that Timon is risking his life for Pumbaa, similar to how he risked his life defeating the hyena clan in The Lion King 1/2. This doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Africa-Dabra!: When Pumbaa sees Timon being humiliated as he's struggling to pull Rabbit out of his hat (due to Pumbaa trapping him in a cage), he strips off Rabbit's fur to disguise himself as a bunny, therefore helping his friend win the talent show.
  • Isle of Manhood: While Pumbaa singing "Timon is a Meerkitten" is Played for Laughs, it indicates that he's encouraging his friend to try to pass the manhood test.
  • Puttin' on the Brits: The baby fox itself is pretty adorable, despite having an adult voice and being the real antagonist of the episode.
    • The fact that Timon and Pumbaa are trying to protect the fox from the foxhound, before realizing that the fox and the hound were merely playing a game of tag.
  • French Fried: When Timon and Pumbaa are about to eat a snail, they find out that he can talk and sing and has a good humored attitude, making them realize that he's too likable to be eaten. Therefore, they befriend the snail and give him a name, which is Speedy.
  • Ocean Commotion: Speedy vouching for Timon and Pumbaa when the two are about to be thrown off the ship by Captain Quint for being stowaways.
  • Unlucky in Lesotho: The ending of the episode, which is when Timon praises the panther kitten for saving him from some major humiliation Ned the Elephant was about to cause. The panther cuddles Pumbaa and gets embraced by Timon.
  • Swiss Missed: When Fronk sees that the clock is broken and claims that there is no way he can fix it by noon (which is when clock inspector Clockwork Quint shows up to check on the clock), Pumbaa gets an idea, which is for him and Timon to make it seem like the clock is fixed to prevent Fronk from getting fired from his job, which was Quint's revenge plan for not being chosen to be the town's timekeeper.
  • Russia Hour: When Pumbaa's uncle Boaris is about to fall from the pose he's doing after dancing, Timon quickly comes in to save him, with Boaris saying "Thanks, friend!"
  • Timon standing up for Pumbaa whenever someone insults him or is being mean to him. One particular example is in "Animal Barn". When Mr. Pig calls Pumbaa a nobody, Timon becomes enraged and immediately confronts him by telling him that no one should talk to Pumbaa like that except for himself. This also doubles as an awesome moment.
    • Also from the same episode; When Pumbaa does his oink during the second task, Timon gives his friend a thumbs up, with Pumbaa giving him a big smile.
  • Yukon Con: After Timon and Pumbaa fail to retrieve the gold nugget from Cusco Quint, Timon offers Pumbaa the Caribou Cola bottle cap he found earlier. The two then decide to never again let money come between their friendship.
    • When Timon plans to retrieve Pumbaa's gold nugget from Quint, Pumbaa corrects his friend by telling him that it's their gold nugget.
  • TV Dinner: When Ed is kicked by documentary show host Martin Partin, Shenzi and Banzai catch him so that he doesn't get hurt. It shows that at their core, they care for each other's welfare.
  • Luck Be a Meerkat: Pumbaa stating that the luckiest thing that has ever happened to him was when he met Timon. This doubles as a Tear Jerker if you remember his origin story.
  • Stay Away From My Honey!: When Smolder shows compassion for Timon and Pumbaa at the end.
  • Sitting Pretty Awful: When Timon and Pumbaa call their parents, thanking them for raising them and telling them that they love them.
    Timon: Mom, Dad, I never realized how hard it was raising me.
    Pumbaa: Mom, Dad, thanks for everything. If there's anything you ever need...
    Timon: I can't thank you enough.
    Timon and Pumbaa: Mom, Dad, I love you.
  • Cliphangers: When Timon and Pumbaa recall all the times they complimented and did nice things for each other, making them realize what a true friendship they have and they embrace each other, apologizing for what they previously said.