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"House" segments

  • Hades and Maleficent finally going on their date in "Halloween For Hades", especially considering how hard he was trying to impress her, and how genuine his affections for her were. There's someone out there for everyone, even the bad guys.
    Mickey: Even if you're the hot-tempered lord of the underworld, it's always best to be yourself.
  • The ending to "Not So Goofy", where Mickey and the staff apologize to Goofy for wanting him to be "un-goofy" and tell him they liked him better as his goofy self.
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  • Donald's price for giving Mickey the money needed to pay the rent: let Daisy perform during the show.
  • Ludwig von Drake's song in "Ask von Drake" mentions (and features) Roy Disney (Walt's nephew).
  • The ending of "Mickey and the Culture Clash", where Mickey and Minnie get back together after realizing that Mortimer was playing them both for chumps.
  • Donald immediately going off to make amends with Dennis the Duck when he learns that the latter is his biggest fan. Given what Donald has to put up with most of the time, that must have meant a lot to him.
    • In a Meta example, this episode inspired Disney to obtain the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit from Universal, to which they finally succeed in 2006. Walt Disney's late daughter Diane Disney Miller was happy that the company got her father's creation back.
      Diane Disney Miller: When Bob was named CEO, he told me he wanted to bring Oswald back to Disney, and I appreciate that he is a man of his word. Having Oswald around again is going to be a lot of fun.
  • Seeing Roxanne once more, and she's still with Max. While it's not explicitly confirmed if House of Mouse takes place before or after An Extremely Goofy Movie (the events of that movie aren't stated nor implied, though from a chronological perspective, it would make sense, especially since Max looks older in House of Mouse), the fact that Disney did not forget her role is sweet.
    • Even sweeter is just how excited the cast is to meet her. It shows just how much Max means to them and how they want to meet the special lady he's with.
  • During the Christmas wishes segment in Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In At the House of Mouse, Mickey says that Minnie is all he wishes for Christmas. It's doubly heartwarming when you remember that Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, the voice actors for Mickey and Minnie, were married prior to Wayne's death.
  • The finale to Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In At the House of Mouse, featuring every character (yes, even the villains) raising their voice in chorus, singing and convincing Donald that it's friends, family, love, and warm wishes that makes it "The Best Christmas Of All."


  • In the Mouse Tales adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days, when it appears Mickey, Minnie and Goofy didn't make it in time, Mickey decides to help his friends by telling Minnie to go to the dance without him and Goofy to pawn his watch for cash. The two of them refuse his offers and tell him that their friendship is more important.
    Goofy: I'm your friend, Mickey, and that don't cost you a penny.
    Minnie: And I love you, not your money.
  • The ending to "Donald's Failed Fourth". Donald fails completely in setting up a spot for himself and Daisy to watch the fireworks, but Daisy still loves him and likes how the way he arranged their seats allows them to see the moon.
  • "Donald's Valentine Dollar" has Donald attempt to use a dollar to buy a cheap present for Daisy. He spends most of the short trying to get his dollar back when it blows away in the wind. Unfortunately, the present is sold out by the time he gets his dollar back, but the short ends with Daisy approaching a sad Donald on a bench and revealing that she bought the present for him.

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