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Heartwarming / The Pacifier

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  • Shane's heart-to-heart with Zoe about his Parental Abandonment as a boy, which gets her to confide in him about how she misses her dad. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Shane standing up for Seth when he wants to quit the wrestling team and join a theatre troop.
  • Peter calling Shane "Daddy".
  • Crossed with Tear Jerker: After the climax, Lulu, believing Shane is leaving, gives him a very heartfelt goodbye involving giving him the picture of her and her siblings so he won’t forget them (she refers to herself). Shane assured her he won’t and as they hug, Lulu tells Shane she loves him and he says he loves her back. Shane is crouched down to Lulu during the hug, but then stands while picking her up and continuing to hold her in the process.
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  • During the drive back home from the disastrous first cookie sale (before they have to go back) Shane can be seen smiling and nodding his head along to the girls singing. Even early on, hes begun to warm up to the children and their antics.

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