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Heartwarming / Aladdin and the King of Thieves

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  • At the beginning of the movie, Aladdin’s feeling nervous about the wedding, specifically because he feels he’s not ready to someday start raising a family, because he never had a father to show him how. But thankfully, Genie’s there to reassure him.
    Aladdin: What do I know about families? Genie, what if I’m no good at it? (sighs) If my father were here…
    Genie: Al, little buddy, if your father were here, he’d be as proud of you as I am.
  • The Genie's "Father and Son" song for Cassim and Aladdin, in which he shows them all the father-son bonding they can do now that they're reunited.
    • In the "Father and son" montage, when Genie suggests grandchildren, Cassim smiles at the idea of being a grandpa.
  • Jasmine's Out of Thin Air shows how she is encouraging Aladdin to find his father and discover his past, despite her and Al's very, very long delayed wedding. It just shows how selfless Jasmine is and how much she really loves Aladdin.
  • Jasmine's development to this point in how she handles Aladdin's lies deserves a mention. In the first 2 movies she was quick to get angry/frustrated when Aladdin wasn't truthful with her. In this movie, when Aladdin lies about who his father really is and breaks his father out of prison; her first reaction isn't to chastise Aladdin for his secret actions. Her first actions are to empathize with why he did his actions in the first place. As her speech in front of her father (when Aladdin returns to accept any punishment for his actions) demonstrates. It really shows how much Jasmine has matured by this point.
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  • When Aladdin and Cassim are reunited. When the dagger falls out, Cassim instantly remembers that he had given this to his wife to give to their son. The moment is brief but very touching that after 20 years of believing his son had died, he finds out that he is still alive and has matured into adulthood.
  • Aladdin is informed of what "The Challenge" is.
    Cassim: The Challenge is simple enough — only one man survives. *hands Aladdin his heirloom dagger back* You're my son. You'll be that man.
  • When Cassim and Aladdin are traveling back to Agrabah, the former shows his Overprotective Dad side when he demands that the latter get off Carpet, fearing he get his neck broke.
  • The reason why Cassim left his family? To find a fortune so his wife and son would be secured for life.
  • Genie arranging Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding.
    • He didn’t just arrange the wedding; he’s Aladdin's Best Man. That coveted job traditionally goes to the best, most trusted, deepest friend of the Groom. Awww...
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  • When Jasmine is worried over Aladdin leaving to find his father, Genie gives her reassurance via humorous Shout Outs to other Disney movies. Needless to say, his idea worked.
    Jasmine: Thank you, Genie. I'm sure [the wedding] will be wonderful. (kisses him on the cheek) And thanks for cheering me up.
  • Aladdin:"It took me years to find my father. I'm not losing him again."
    • Then this line:
      Cassim: You came to help me?
      Aladdin: How could I do anything else?
  • Though it came when Aladdin was at a low point, Aladdin saying how everything in his life was perfect before his dad came into it. He realizes all that he has, a wonderful family he is entering, great friends, a bright future and a good standing with the people of Agrabah and beyond and that he doesn't need his father, who was showing that he didn't care enough about Aladdin or his wedding to not try to steal the oracle.
  • Despite Razoul's smug remark that the sultan would not let Aladdin marry Jasmine after releasing his father from prison and later attempting to pressure the Sultan to have Aladdin convicted, the Sultan recognizes Aladdin did so out of love, willingly lets the matter go and still wants to go ahead with the wedding, still perfectly willing to let Aladdin into his family.
  • This line from Cassim, "Even a wanted man can risk a bit to see his own son's wedding".
  • The Sultan finally gets to see his daughter married; after everything that has happened, the knot has finally been tied and the Sultan can rest easy now knowing his daughter is with a good man who will take care of her once he's no longer around.
  • Even Iago deserves a happy ending as by the ending the film, he leaves with Cassim, having finally found the right companion.
    • Iago and Cassim's developing friendship during the course of the movie in general — true, they're both amoral scoundrels who initially bond simply over the prospect of getting rich beyond their wildest dreams, but they seem to genuinely like one another, and the ending, where Iago (who over the course of the TV series has been The Drag-Along) willingly goes off with Cassim for more adventure, and Cassim welcomes him along, is genuinely touching.
      Cassim: So, you little turkey… come to say goodbye?
      Iago: Nah, I already said my goodbyes. 'Course, the monkey had to cry... (Starts tearing up) ...And that got me goin'...
  • Razoul catching the bouquet at the very end, indicating he's finally learning to accept the former street rat.
  • The film closes out with the Street Peddler from the first movie singing the last few verses of his song, and seeing Aladdin and Jasmine off on their honeymoon, before saying goodbye to the viewer, like he'd just been telling the story of the three movies to a prospective customer.
    Peddler: So it goes, short and sweet, they were wed down the street, may their marriage be truly blessed. Happy end to the tale, and tomorrow's a sale so I better go home and rest. Here's a kiss and a hug, sure you don't need a rug, I assure you the price is right! Well salam worthy friend, come back soon, that's the end, 'til another Arabian Night!

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