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Nightmare Fuel / Aladdin and the King of Thieves

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  • The Oracle is a bit creepy.
  • The Aladdin vs. Sa'Luk fight is pretty intense. At one point Sa'luk slashes Al's arm with his wolverine claws (we only see Al yelling in agony and Abu, Iago and Cassim watching in horror.)
    • Early previews show Aladdin's sleeve stained with blood during the 40 thieves song immediately afterwards, obviously from that same slash. That got edited out by the time the movie actually came out, though a dark spot resembling blood can be seen in the shadowed shot when Aladdin is clutching his arm after he is injured.
  • Saluk's character in general is quite off-putting, particularly when he survives his Disney Villain Death and kills a shark onscreen. It's not made clear precisely how he did it, but it was still trying to breathe after he beached it, then it just gives up and dies. Proves that while he may not have any magical powers like Jafar, Sa'Luk is still without a doubt, a terrifying threat! (Especially his knuckleduster that can rip his foes to shreds).
  • There's also the implication that the Hand of Midas is King Midas' actual hand, which he cut off when the Be Careful What You Wish For aspect of his "gift" kicked in.
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  • There's a scorpion with a vaguely human face living in the lair of the Thieves. We see it for just a second and it never comes up again. Probably just a a reused cel from the animated series and merely an average scorpion. But hideous nonetheless.
  • Saluk's death. He grabs the Hand of Midas... literally. This turns him into solid gold with a hellish, muffled scream, causing him to drop into the water.


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