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Trivia / Aladdin and the King of Thieves

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  • Money, Dear Boy: One of the two reasons that Robin Williams agreed to reprise the role of the Genie, the other being that Disney formally apologized to him for violating their agreement with him to not heavily feature him in the marketing for the first film. In contrast to the first film, where he accepted union rate pay, he received $1 million for this one.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: Several from the original VHS trailers:
    • Originally, Genie's foreman getup was more muscular than in the film.
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    • Iago says the line of "Doesn't get any bigger than that!" Nowhere in the film does he say this.
    • Footage of Robin Williams is present of him recording "It's a kinder, gentler Genie! Look at this!"
    • Aladdin is shown with a bloodstain on his left sleeve during clips of the "Welcome to the Forty Thieves" sequence. Originally, there was going to be a bit of blood shown from the Challenge when Sa'luk slashes Aladdin's arm. A dark shadow resembling blood can briefly be seen on Aladdin's arm after he is injured in the final film.
    • The thieves are shown congregating outside against a dusky background, compared to congregating within the stable.
    • The same trailer has an instance of Recycled Trailer Music using a snippet of "Jafar's Hour" from the original movie.
    • Several shots are shown with Genie having the same design as the Aladdin TV series. Dan Castellenata was meant to reprise his role before Disney decided to reach out to Robin Williams again.
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    • A coloring book released around the time of the film shows Genie as a rocker, something that does not happen while he is trying to cheer Jasmine up.
  • The Original Darrin:
    • After being replaced by Dan Castellaneta for the TV series and the first sequel, Robin Williams returns to voice the Genie here.
    • While Linda Larkin still voices Jasmine, Liz Callaway takes over from Lea Salonga as her singing voice.
  • The Other Marty: Dan Castellenata was meant to reprise his role of Genie from the series and the first sequel, but Disney made amends with Robin Williams to reprise his role, re-recording Dan's parts (which were re-animated to fit Williams' style).
  • Role Reprise: While the voice cast from Aladdin the TV series would return, the biggest surprise was that Robin Williams would voice the Genie once more, replacing The Other Darrin Dan Castellaneta.
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  • Throw It In!: Robin Williams improvised the entire scene of Genie trying to cheer Jasmine up while Aladdin is away.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Mozenrath was originally planned as the villain in the third film. However, whether he would actually be Aladdin's brother is another story - this is fan speculation, not Word of God. Mozenrath was ultimately not used, due to them wanting to diverge from the TV series and Jonathan Brandis being difficult to contact.
    • Sean Connery was cast as Cassim but had to drop out due to other commitments.
    • The initiation fight between Aladdin and Sa'Luk, and the "Welcome To The Forty Thieves" sequence afterwards, was originally animated with visible blood on Aladdin's left arm where Sa'Luk slashes him. The bloodstain was mostly edited out of the finished film, though some darkly-lit shots still included it.
    • The Triumphant Reprise of Arabian Nights at the end of this movie was originally meant for the end of the original film when the Peddler was slated to be the narrator, who would appear at certain points to give the audience the scoop on the story so far through various reprises of Arabian Nights. This reprise, in particular, would've been sung as the Peddler packed up all his stuff, hopped onto his camel and went riding into the night, saying goodbye to the audience to mark the end of the legend.
    • Dan Castellenata was meant to reprise his role of Genie from the series and the first sequel, but Disney made amends with Robin Williams to reprise his role, and dubbed over Dan's dialogue. This film was Williams' only true reprisal of the Genie character (aside from the "Great Minds Think For Themselves" segments Disney made for One Saturday Morning a couple years later).


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