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Tear Jerker / Aladdin and the King of Thieves

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  • The scene where Cassim explains to Aladdin how he set out to chase the Hand of Midas, but when he finally returned, his wife was dead and his son was gone, so he went back to the only thing he believed he had left. Just the way Cassim talks about his wife alone, is heartwrenching.
    Cassim: I knew exactly what I wanted for my family; the best. I couldn't give up and go back empty-handed! But, the weeks turned into months, and the months turned into years... I came back to Agrabah one night, but I couldn't find my wife... or my son. I thought my family was lost forever. At that moment, I would have traded anything to get your mother back.
    Aladdin: We never wanted gold... we wanted you. I wanted a father. I still do.
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  • Aladdin having a flashback of his lonely, orphaned childhood. Gets worse when the young Aladdin sees other kids running up to their father. Followed by a saddened look on the young boy's face as they closed their door.
  • Aladdin's disappointment in Cassim for attempting to steal treasure from the palace. The look on his face just states his dream of reuniting with his long lost dad have now been crushed.
    • Then as Cassim is lead away...
    Genie: There's some wishes that even I can't make come true...
  • This line:
    Aladdin: "Tonight, the King of Thieves will make his grandest escape ever... out of my life!"
    • When Aladdin says the last part, he sounds like he is trying hard not to cry. He wished his whole life to have a father. But the one he had seemed more interested in treasure than in him. So he decides to cut him out of his life and go back to the way things were before.
  • After busting his father out of the dungeon, Aladdin argues with Cassim, refusing to retreat from Agrabah with him and walk out on Jasmine like his father left him and his mother. Thus this puts the father son relationship to the ultimate test.
    (Aladdin has busted his father and Iago out of the dungeon. Later, on horseback, Aladdin and Cassim ride up a hill. They run into a cavern, and Agrabah and the palace just in the distance)
    Aladdin: Did we lose 'em?
    Iago: I don't know, but I did lose my lunch back there...
    Cassim: They won't be able to pick up our trail until daylight. By then, we'll be long gone from Agrabah. (Aladdin sadly looks back at the Palace of Agrabah) I'm sorry for what you lost. But you can't go back now. You know that. (Aladdin gets off his horse) What are you doing?
    Aladdin: I'm not going with you! I can't.
    Cassim: Well, you can't go back! The moment they saw your face, your life in Agrabah was over!
    Aladdin: I have to go back. Jasmine is there.
    Iago: Kid, it's over. You're a criminal now.
    Aladdin: I won't do what he did! I won't run away!
    Cassim: I never ran away from anything in my life!
    Aladdin: You ran away from your family!
    Cassim: I told you what happened! What else could I do? What else can you do?
    Aladdin: The right thing. You should take this back! (tosses his Midas Daggar at Cassim)
    Cassim: You can't!
    Aladdin: I won't walk out on Jasmine!
    Cassim : (sternly) Aladdin...
    Aladdin: I'm your son. But I can't live your life!
    Iago: Al, they'll lock you up!
    Aladdin: If there's a punishment, I'll take it.
    Cassim: (sighs) So be it...
    Iago: We have the Oracle! The treasure's just waitin' for us!
    Aladdin: The Oracle?
    Cassim: I had nothing left to lose!
    Aladdin: Yes, you did. (rides off)
    Iago: It was supposed to be a father-son outing!
    (Aladdin takes Iago off his shoulder)
    Aladdin: Go with him, Iago.
    Iago: What? You mean it? Really?
    Aladdin: Go.
    Iago: Good luck, kid.
    (Iago reluctantly flies off with Cassim. With a determined expression, Aladdin rides his horse back to Agrabah. Cassim rides in the other direction.)
    • Just the look in Aladdin's face when Cassim offhandedly says the line "I'm sorry for what you lost". It's the wake-up call that lets Aladdin know that if he follows his father's footsteps, he'll never see Jasmine again. Had it not been for that dialogue, he was this close to ending up just like Cassim: turning his back on what might've been (a happy marriage and family) and not coming back to Agrabah for years until true happiness was lost to him.
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    • From that conversation, Aladdin and Cassim realized how different they were from each other. Aladdin was fantasizing earlier in the movie about what they might share but they learn that they actually are nothing alike. Aladdin calls Cassim out and no doubt strikes him in a place where it hurts, his abandonment of his family.
      • This line when Cassim and Iago return to the den of the Forty thieves says it all. Right before they discover Sa'luk has turned the remaining thieves against Cassim.
    Cassim: "I would never cut my men out of the deal! They are my family, my only family."
  • The very last scene of the movie features a final reprise of the original movie's opening song "Arabian Nights", with new lyrics that solidify this film as the grand finale, complete with a cameo by The Peddler. In addition, Iago decides to leave the palace at his own will and travel the world with Cassim.
  • A Meta one. Due to the legal issues surrounding the first film, Robin Williams effectively put into his will a clause forbidding Disney from using any unused material that he'd recorded before his death, effectively putting on ice at least two attempts to revive the Aladdin franchise. Purely since he had planned to invoke Doing It for the Art.
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  • A good heartwarming moment: the Sultan sees his daughter get married and what does he do? He almost smushes his new son-in-law to death with the hug, also while crazily bouncing between his feet in glee.

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