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A genre composed of several different varieties of show revolving around remodeling or rebuilding homes, and/or the yards around them. The genre is so popular that a fair amount of the Discovery Channel can be found dedicated to it, and at least two cable networks (HGTV and DIY) specialize in it. It's also a staple of PBS in the United States.

Some are straightforward "Do It Yourself" guides and instruction. A few are akin to game shows. Others are simply off the wall, and of course a subversion or two have popped up. In all cases, the appeal revolves around a voyeuristic appreciation of the improvements, playing on the viewer's desire to have or make those improvements to his or her own home.

Expect many, many of these shows to feature Every Episode Ending with The Reveal, followed by a Big "OMG!"



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     Game Show-esque  


  • Changing Rooms - British show where two couples each redecorate one room in the other couple's house with the help of design experts.
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Families in need have their houses completely rebuilt with the help of their neighborhoods to suit their living situations.
  • Fixer Upper - Couples buy run-down homes in affluent neighborhoods, which are then renovated under the direction of couple Chip and Joanna Gaines.
  • Ground Force: Best described as "Extreme Makeover: Garden Edition" except British.
  • Holmes on Homes - The adventures of Mike Holmes as he rescues homeowners from poor renovations done by third party contractors.
  • Property Brothers - Twin brothers help families renovate run-down homes into dream homes.
  • Trading Spaces - The American equivalent of Changing Rooms; it could occasionally border on "off the wall" itself depending on which designer a couple was stuck with.


     Off the wall  

  • Monster House - a Spin-Off of Monster Garage where parts of a house are very violently demolished and transformed into an extreme setting, such as a kitchen into a medieval mead hall.
  • Homewrecker - a subversion courtesy of MTV in which a teenager gets revenge on a friend by having his or her bedroom transformed into an unlivable space resembling the original prank pulled (for example, a prankster who shaved all the body hair off of a sleeping buddy getting his room turned into a pulsing, throbbing cave covered floor to ceiling in hair).


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