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Heartwarming / The Rocketeer

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1991 Movie

  • In a blink and you'll miss it scene near the end there's these two kids. Both pretending to be the Rocketeer.
  • Valentine, of all people, wishing the Rocketeer good luck.
    Valentine: Go get 'em, kid.
    • And also the fact that he may not make an honest buck, but he's 100% American.
  • Towards the end, when Hughes asks Cliff what it was like flying with the rocket pack:
    Cliff: It was the closest I'll ever get to heaven, Mr. Hughes. (glances at Jenny) Well... maybe not.
    • So after all Cliff did, Howard Hughes gives him a new Gee Bee airplane in the end.
    Cliff: I didn't even get a chance to thank him.
    Peevey: You don't have to, son. He saw the look on your face.
  • While Eddie's men are at the café asking the patrons about where they can find Cliff, they all play dumb and pretend to not even know him despite him standing right next to them. Not one of them even thinks about accepting the offered "finder's fee" nor caving under the threat of being tortured.
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  • The older FBI agent not arresting Cliff for hitting his abrasive partner, noting that Cliff has just been through a lot and the other agent "had it coming."
  • Retired pilot Malcom filling in for Cliff at the airshow so he won't get fired. Related to this, there's how young Patsy fills in for Malcom to pass out programs so he can take off in the plane.
  • Peevy's Shipper on Deck moment for Cliff and Jenny, with him warning Cliff that it will be his fault if they break up.
  • When Malcom asks Patsy if she's heard one of his war stories, she starts to nod, but then shakes her head so he'll feel better.
  • Cliff apologizing to Patsy for snapping at her in an Anger Born of Worry moment.
  • The friendship between Jenny and her roommate, Irma. Irma consoles Jenny about how Nepotism kept her from getting a job she deserved. When Irma sees Cliff arriving for a date, Jenny notices her reaction and sunnily asks "Whose is it?" before Irma replies "Yours." She also seems to be on good terms with Cliff, waving hi to him (although this is undermined by her limited sympathy for Cliff when Jenny goes on a date with Neville).

Disney Junior Series

  • In "Skyway Robbery", Kit thinks she can't be a real hero without the Rocketeer rocket pack. Grandpa Ambrose says otherwise and says she's still a hero even without it.
  • In "X-Treme Hero", Tesh is disappointed to see how terrible of a person his idol Xena Treme is. However, he is moved by Kit doing what she can to help, and he renames his trick after her.
  • In "Friends and Family Picnic", Valerie is so happy to see her father showing up for the picnic she's genuinely grateful for the Rocketeer's help in spite of resenting her popularity.