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Heartwarming / Ōban Star-Racers

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  • When Eva/Molly and the other kids sit together and watch the stars. It was nice watching them all relax for a change.
  • Spirit showing Eva what really happened on the day Maya's star racer crashed. At the end, he rubs her head affectionately and cries a Single Tear. This one moment shows that Spirit is a indeed a good being.
  • Even though it ended up causing more trouble, Eva was going to give up the title of Avatar and give it to Aikka.
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  • Jordan's Love Confession to Molly is quite sweet....too bad it was Don Wei.
  • After Don finally realizes that Molly is his long lost daughter, Eva, he attempts to convince her to forfeit the race in "Monster Like Muir" because he doesn't want her to get hurt.
  • Rick and Molly/Eva's relationship with each other is akin to a Cool Big Bro and a younger sibling.
  • During the final episode, after Jordan becomes the Avatar and disappears, Aikka expresses concern regarding Jordan's fate while unaware of what actually happened. It goes to show that despite their 'mixed' history Aikka was concerned with Jordan's well-being.
  • Molly and Prince Aikka's goodbye scene, near the end of the series.
  • The final scene of the series shows Eva and Don Wei, a happy family once again. Don Wei is still running a successful team, but it is implied he is far less of a Bad Boss as he was at the beginning of the series. Eva is still attending a school, but it is one closer to home, and her father comes to pick her up. Eva mentions how it was fun being Molly, but it is great to be Eva again.

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