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Heartwarming / Disney Sing-Along Songs

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  • The two Christmas entries: Very Merry Christmas Songs and The Twelve Days of Christmas. Both have openings and closings wishing viewers a Merry Christmas, and they're filled with light-hearted holiday favorites. The former has the songs set to stock footage of Disney cartoons and the latter has Disney characters and a glee club singing the tunes.
    • "Silent Night" from Very Merry Christmas Songs uses the Living Voices recording. It's set to footage of "Ave Maria" from Fantasia with the line "Christ the Savior is born" coinciding with the sunrise.
    • Both videos close with "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".
  • The kids playing with their dogs during "Hot Diggety, Dog Ziggety, Boom" in Pongo and Perdita.

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